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ADSA Member e-Product Portal

You may want to bookmark this page for convenient access to ADSA's electronic products.

e-Members who wish to attend the Joint Annual Meeting or a Discover Conference will be required to pay an additional $55 to reach full professional member status prior to qualifying for the ADSA member registration rate. Please note that e-members are not eligible for the member page charge rate or ADSA awards, and cannot run for office or vote in ADSA elections.

Journal of Dairy Science®

As an ADSA member, you have electronic access to the Journal of Dairy Science, the highest rated dairy science journal in the world. All full-text articles, dating to the first issue in 1917, are searchable. You may purchase a paper copy for an additional fee if you choose.

Members can access JDS full-text articles in two ways:

1. Via the Trusted Proxy Server (TPS) Access to JDS
For quick and easy direct access to the Journal of Dairy Science, ADSA members who have logged in can view all full-text articles from 1917 through the current issue by clicking the button below:

Please note: The TPS access path to JDS does not allow those using it to save search results or use other site personalization features established when setting up their individual Elsevier account. In order to use personalization features, you must first register and claim access (explained below) and then access the Journal using your Elsevier login and password. Members who wish to use their individual Elsevier account can log in after clicking on the JDS Online button above.

2. Via creating an individual Elsevier account.
This access path allows for site personalization, including the ability to save search results, and is recommended. Members who create an individual Elsevier account can also access JDS via TPS at any time.

To create an individual Elsevier account, you must undergo a completely separate registration process on www.journalofdairyscience.org. ADSA sends new member files to Elsevier each Friday, and you may register and claim access on www.journalofdairyscience.org on the following Wednesday. Please read and carefully follow the registration instructions under the ADSA Members message in the box on the right-hand side of the www.journalofdairyscience.org page. You will need your ADSA member number (e-mailed to you in your payment confirmation when you become a member) in order to register.

Recorded Symposia

Members have access to all Joint Annual Meeting (American Dairy Science Association, American Society of Animal Science, and for some years, Poultry Science Association) recorded symposia, starting in 2003. Several recorded symposia are added to the collection each year.

Click here for direct access to joint annual meeting recorded symposia.


Members have complimentary access to:

All joint annual meeting abstracts (American Dairy Science Association, American Society of Animal Science, and for some years, Poultry Science Association), starting in 1998 plus all ADSA annual meeting abstracts, dating to 1935, as well as ADSA division abstracts.

In addition, members who have subscribed to S-PAC at the ADSA Member rate of $75.00 per year, have access to the entire S-PAC database, covering a multitude of conferences, many of which have provided several years of proceedings.

Click here for your complimentary or paid (as the case may be) access to S-PAC.

Working with the Media

Members have access to recorded webinars and other information to help become better prepared for "Working with the Media."

Click here to access the materials.