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Foundation Scholar Award

The Foundation Scholar Award recognizes young scholars and their potential, in research and educational leadership, to identify critical issues affecting the future of the dairy industry. The applicant must have ten years or less post-final academic degree experience and be a current active member in the American Dairy Science Association. The applicant must have exemplary research and/or educational programs (instruction, extension, or industry) and potential for future leadership. The winner will deliver a symposium-style address at the ADSA annual meeting with a focus on critical issues affecting the future of the dairy industry.

2015 Foundation Scholar Awards Recipients

K. Kaylegian
Dairy Foods
J. Bewley

Previous Winners of the ADSA Foundation Scholar Award

Dairy Foods
1997 S. E. Duncan
1998 F. X. Malcata
1999 Nagendra P. Shah
2000 Kathryn J. Boor
2001 John A. Lucey
2002 Martin Wiedmann
2003 MaryAnne Drake
2004 Scott A. Rankin
2005 Lloyd Metzger
2006 Ashraf Hassan
2007 Stephanie Clark
2008 Milena Corredig
2009 No Winner
2010 Federico Harte
2011 Marie Yeung
2012 no winner
2013 Hasmukh Patel
2014 Not Awarded
2015 K. Kaylegian

1998 James K. Drackley
1999 Deanne M. Meyer
2000 Matthew C. Lucy
2001 Lisa A. Holden
2002 Wendy J. Powers
2003 Kent A. Weigel
2004 Michael E. Van Amburgh
2005 Katharine Knowlton
2006 Mary Beth Hall
2007 Thomas Overton
2008 Albert De Vries
2009 Lance Baumgard
2010 Kenneth Kalscheur
2011 Victor Cabrera
2012 Barry Bradford
2013 Isis Mullarky Kanevsky
2014 T. Bilby
2015 J. Bewley