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Whenever possible, ADSA volunteers and invited speakers are to combine trips, or use other available sources of funding, prior to submitting expenses for reimbursement. Reasonable expenses and support shall be reimbursed for authorized/official business conducted in behalf of ADSA, in accordance with the following expense reimbursement policy.

Personal Expenses
Items of a personal nature incurred while traveling are not reimbursable, including phone, laundry, movies, and flight and medical insurance.

Non-reimbursable Expenses
Speaker honorariums for ADSA stand-alone meetings will not be paid without the advance written approval of the ADSA Executive Committee. Monetary support will not be provided to speakers for presentation preparation.

With the exception of mileage reimbursement (reimbursed per that year’s IRS mileage rate), receipts are required for all expenditures. No reimbursement will be made for unreceipted items unless alternative proof of payment is received by ADSA at the time the expense report is submitted.

Expense Report Form
Expenses are to be reported on an ADSA Expense Report, available on the ADSA home page (About ADSA=>ADSA Corporate Documents). Expense reports must be submitted with full receipt documentation. All expense reports shall be submitted in USD, and all reimbursements shall be made by check in USD only. If you prefer an ACH/wire payment, please indicate that on the form and ADSA will work with you to accommodate the request. Expense reports must be submitted no later than one month following the conclusion of a trip. For other types of expenditures, expense reports must be submitted within 30 days of date incurred.

Air Fare
Domestic air travel will be economy class only, purchased at least 21 days in advance. If a 21-day advance purchase fare is not available, advance approval of the ADSA Executive Director or ADSA Treasurer is required.

International airfare will be purchased at least 21 days in advance and will be reimbursed up to USD 1,500. Domestic fares in excess of USD 1,000, as well as any international airfare that does not meet the 21-day advance purchase requirement, must be approved in advance by the ADSA Executive Director or ADSA Treasurer.

Ground Transportation
Whenever possible, travelers are encouraged to utilize the lowest cost form of transportation, including airport shuttle service, light rail where available, or sharing cabs. Where this is not practical, taxi service may be used. Personal vehicles used for approved association business will be reimbursed at the then-current IRS mileage reimbursement rate (see expense report for current rates), plus parking. Where use of personal auto is the most practical and cost effective means of travel to the airport, travelers are expected to use long-term airport parking facilities for trip durations of more than one day.

For long-distance trips, where flying would be the expected mode of transport, driving-related expense (mileage at the then-current IRS mileage reimbursement rate, plus all parking, plus any in-transit motel/hotel expense, plus additional meal expense due to time on the road) is limited to: the 21-day advance purchase economy airfare, plus round-trip cab/airport limo from home to airport, plus round-trip cab from the airport to hotel in the destination city. Please submit screen shot of (at least) 21-day advance purchase airfare quote when seeking reimbursement for extended driving trips.

Car rentals are discouraged. When absolutely necessary, intermediate size or smaller sedans should be rented. Larger cars and vans are not allowed unless approved in advance by the Executive Director or ADSA Treasurer. Travelers are expected to use credit cards that provide collision damage coverage when renting cars.

ADSA Official Functions: All hotel stays are to be at the hotel(s) reserved for the ADSA function, where room and tax will be charged to a master account. This will permit ADSA to meet the room nights guaranteed to the hotel(s). In those rare cases where a different hotel is selected by the traveler, the room nights will be reimbursed up to the ADSA rate, plus applicable tax.

ADSA/Discover Conferences Invited Speakers: All travelers are encouraged to depart in the evening of the last meeting day to save hotel nights whenever possible. A maximum of two nights at the headquarters hotel shall be reimbursed for a one-day meeting, three nights for a two-day meeting, four nights for a three-day meeting, five nights for a four-day meeting, and six nights for a five-day meeting.

Hotel room rates in excess of USD 250/night (including applicable tax) for all other travel must be approved by the Executive Director or ADSA Treasurer in advance.

If necessary, internet service will be reimbursed. Travelers are expected to use cell phones or calling cards during hotel stays.

Meals are limited to a maximum of $65.00 per day, including tax and gratuity. This is not a per diem. Amounts in excess of this may be considered with suitable justification if they are approved by the ADSA Executive Director, or ADSA Treasurer, in advance. Receipts for meals/food and beverage purchases are required.

Please note: invited speaker expense reimbursement is set by conference (annual meeting or Discover conferences).

ADSA Board Approved March 13, 2023

ADSA Strategic Plan

In February 2022, the ADSA Board of Directors approved a new strategic plan. The new plan is built around 5 core initiatives and supporting objectives that will focus our priorities over a 3-year period to help ADSA meet its strategic objectives and advance its mission. Ultimately, the plan ensures that the association meets the needs of our members and provides value throughout our community.

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