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An official journal of the American Dairy Science Association®, JDS Communications publishes narrowly focused, hypothesis-driven original research studies designed to answer a specific question on the production or processing of milk or milk products intended for human consumption. In addition to short research articles, JDS Communications publishes mini reviews—unsolicited, concise review papers. Research published in this journal is broadly divided into the production of milk from food animals (nutrition, physiology, health, genetics, and management) and processing of milk for human consumption (dairy foods). JDS Communications aims for rapid turnaround and a short time to publication. (More from the Editor in Chief)

JDS Communications Welcomes Incoming Editor in Chief, Jessica A. A. McArt

JDSC is pleased to welcome Jessica A. A. McArt, PhD, DVM, DABVP (Dairy Practice), as the journal’s incoming Editor in Chief. McArt succeeds Matthew Lucy, PhD, and is a demonstrated leader in dairy science and peer-reviewed publishing.

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JDS Communications is now indexed in Scopus

JDS Communications is now indexed in Scopus, the largest indexer of global research content with titles from more than 7,000 publishers worldwide and a rigorous selection process. Inclusion in the Scopus database will continue to increase article visibility and accessibility for JDS Communications authors and readers.

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JDS Communications Launches Loyalty Program

As of January 2024, the JDS Communications is re-introducing a loyalty rewards program to give back to its thriving journal community, lower the barriers to academic publishing, and provide tangible benefits to the authors and reviewers who make ADSA journals a stable pillar of the dairy sector and scientific community.

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