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Journal of Dairy Science®


ADSA publishes the top open-access dairy science journals in the profession: the Journal of Dairy Science and JDS Communications. ADSA members can stay connected to the best in dairy science with electronic access to both journals and those in the professional membership tier enjoy significant discounts toward article publishing charges—more than $1,900 for the Journal of Dairy Science and more than $500 for JDS Communications. ADSA members are also eligible to save even more through the ADSA Loyalty Rewards Program. Earning points is as simple as engaging with our journals. Whether you're drafting articles or providing timely reviews, every contribution counts. Learn more and enroll today



Membership Directory

The FASS directory is a compilation of the membership directories of ADSA and PSA. You must be a current member of one of these societies to view the directory.

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Recorded Symposia

Members have access to all Annual Meeting (American Dairy Science Association, and for some years: American Society for Animal Science and Poultry Science Association) recorded symposia, starting in 2003. Several recorded symposia are added to the collection each year.

All recordings are now accessed at the past meetings page.

Past Meetings


Members have complimentary access to:

All annual meeting abstracts (American Dairy Science Association, American Society of Animal Science, and for some years, Poultry Science Association), starting in 1998 plus all ADSA annual meeting abstracts, dating to 1935, as well as ADSA division abstracts.

In addition, members who have subscribed to S-PAC at the ADSA Member rate of $75.00 per year, have access to the entire S-PAC database, covering a multitude of conferences, many of which have provided several years of proceedings.

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