About the ADSA Foundation

The American Dairy Science Association (ADSA) Foundation was established in 1990 by a vote of the ADSA membership. The Foundation serves as a means of providing educational and scientific activities for the betterment of the dairy industry and, on a much larger scale, for the assurance of a safe, viable food supply to nourish the world. A seven-member Board of Trustees oversees the activities of the Foundation and ensures that the Foundation remains steadfast to its mission.

As the Foundation grows, more programs will be implemented, each of which will be a reflection of the Foundation's mission.

ADSA Foundation Mission

The American Dairy Science Association serves the dairy and dairy-related industries by stimulating the discovery, application, and dissemination of knowledge; creating an atmosphere in which free interchange of information and full understanding will exist among the various segments of the industries involved; and providing a forum for the discussion and solution of industry problems worldwide.

The ADSA Foundation pledges to contribute to the welfare of people worldwide by furthering this acquisition and dissemination of scientific knowledge and accurate information and to support and enhance educational programs of ADSA and the dairy industry as a whole.

Feeding the World

The dairy industry has the potential to contribute to the nutritional needs of every man, woman, and child on this earth, yet thousands go without. Research, education, and communication can succeed in breaking down the barriers that separate hunger and good nutrition. The American Dairy Science Association is devoted to finding the most efficient, productive, and prosperous supply of dairy products to feed the people of this world. The Foundation is ADSA's way of showing its devotion to this cause.

Foundation Support

The ADSA Foundation presently underwrites the Discoverâ„  Conference Series, which focuses on hot industry issues, and funds scientific symposia, selecting topics of timely interest to the entire industry. These exchanges of information serve as a means for keeping the industry abreast of the latest research methods and production technologies. The Foundation also sponsors several awards to promote the future of dairy science, including the Foundation Scholar award and the Genevieve Christen Distinguished Undergraduate Student award.

Foundation Board of Trustees

Maurice Eastridge (24)
The Ohio State University

Vice Chair
Matt Utt (24)

Brandon Nelson (24)
Daisy Brand

Albert De Vries (24)
University of Florida

John Lucey (25)
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Fernando Valdez (25)

Barry Bradford (26)
Michigan State University

Michael Miller (26)
University of Illinois

ADSA Planned Giving

In the late spring of 2010 the ADSA Foundation launched the ADSA Annual Fund campaign, creating eight giving opportunities (funds). To further strengthen and develop these funds, the ADSA Foundation then created a Planned Giving Program.

ADSA has made an important difference in the lives and careers of many members. We hope that members will pay it backwards to those dairy scientists who follow by considering a planned gift to the ADSA Foundation. In uncertain times, there are a number of ways to make such a gift, be it a set dollar amount, or a percentage of one's estate. A planned gift at any level would be accepted with much graditute and appreciation! And it is as easy as amending your will with simple bequest language that is revocable at any time.

All those making a planned gift will be listed at the time the commitment is made and in the appropriate spring or fall issue of ADSA News. At your option, at the time the planned gift is transferred to ADSA, the membership will be solicited so that friends, students, colleagues, families, and supporters could make in memorium gifts to the Foundation to further your contribution.

For more information, please contact ADSA Executive Assistant Morgan Montgomery at morganm@assochq.org .

Foundation Scholar Award

The Foundation Scholar Award recognizes young scholars and their potential, in research and educational leadership, to identify critical issues affecting the future of the dairy industry. The applicant must have ten years or less post-final academic degree experience and be a current active member in the American Dairy Science Association. The applicant must have exemplary research and/or educational programs (instruction, extension, or industry) and potential for future leadership. The winner will deliver a symposium-style address at the ADSA annual meeting with a focus on critical issues affecting the future of the dairy industry.

2021 Foundation Scholar Awards Recipients

Prateek Sharma
Dairy Foods

Jimena Laporta

Previous Winners of the ADSA Foundation Scholar Award

Year Dairy Foods Production
2021 Prateek Sharma Jimena Laporta
2020 Samuel Alcaine Michael Steele
2019 Nicole Martin Heather White
2018 Not Awarded K. Harvatine
2017 J. Amamcharla L. Hernandez
2016 Not Awarded F. Cardoso
2015 K. Kaylegian J. Bewley
2014 Not Awarded T. Bilby
2013 Hasmukh Patel Isis Mullarky Kanevsky
2012 No Winner Barry Bradford
2011 Marie Yeung Victor Cabrera
2010 Federico Harte Kenneth Kalscheur
2009 No Winner Lance Baumgard
2008 Milena Corredig Albert De Vries
2007 Stephanie Clark Thomas Overton
2006 Ashraf Hassan Mary Beth Hall
2005 Lloyd Metzger Katharine Knowlton
2004 Scott A. Rankin Michael E. Van Amburgh
2003 MaryAnne Drake Kent A. Weigel
2002 Martin Wiedmann Wendy J. Powers
2001 John A. Lucey Lisa A. Holden
2000 Kathryn J. Boor Matthew C. Lucy
1999 Nagendra P. Shah Deanne M. Meyer
1998 F. X. Malcata James K. Drackley
1997 S. E. Duncan  
Foundation Bylaws