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Recordings are no longer available. Thank you for attending.

Welcome to the 39th ADSA Discover Conference: The Transition Period – From Physiology to Management. Moving this program online has allowed to safely include a broader group of colleagues from around the world while maintaining the ability to network and participate in discussions.

* Help Desk: If you need help at any point, email us at discover@adsa.org or call +1 217 356-5146.

* Schedule: All times listed are Eastern Time (ET). Conference sessions will be held daily starting at 11:00 AM ET to allow most registrants to participate in the discussions and breakout sessions at a reasonable hour. The general format for the sessions allows for a brief opening statement from each presenter followed by a longer moderated discussion period. Registrants will be placed into smaller breakout groups for more in-depth discussion. Each session will close with a summary from the breakout groups and open discussion. We want free and open discussion and ask that we all be courteous and follow the directions of each session Moderator who will manage the time available. Sessions will be in the morning and afternoon. Thursday's session should wrap up by 4:30 p.m. Eastern Time.

* Conference Roster: As of this writing, we have 228 conference registrants from 24 countries and 29 US states representing a wide array of expertise and interests. In addition, we have several registrants joining as Viewers. A complete roster, including phone and email information, has been included to allow you to network with other attendees throughout this conference. This is provided for your personal use and should not be copied or distributed without the consent of conference organizers.

* Conference Materials: To encourage open discussion, no proceedings of this meeting will be published.  The materials provided on this website and during the Discover Conference are for the personal use of Discover Conference registrants, and should not be cited, duplicated, or referenced without consent of ADSA Discover Conference organizers.  The only exception is if an already-published article is distributed or the author specifically states in writing on any other handout information that it may be distributed and cited. You will also have access to Interpretive Summaries by each speaker. These short bits give an overview of each topic in laymen's terms. We hope they prove a useful addition to the speaker notes and other information traditionally provided in program notebooks.

* Presentation Recordings: Conference materials including speaker presentations and session recordings will be available to registrants until December 29, 2020.

* Continuing Education Units: ARPAS will allow 17 ARPAS CEUs for ARPAS members attending the 39th Conference.

* Recording Policy: Use of cameras, video cameras, cell phones, or similar recording devices is prohibited during conference to prevent unauthorized dissemination of data.

* Contact Information:
           +1 217 356-5146

Thank you and we hope you enjoy the conference!

ADSA DISCOVER CONFERENCESM ON The Transition Period - From Physiology to Management

ARPAS will allow up to 17 CEUs, based on contact hours and content, for ARPAS members participating in the 39th ADSA Discover Conference.

As an added benefit your registration will include 90 days of free access to the Searchable Proceedings of Animal Conferences (S-PAC).

Conference Objective

The importance of the transition period for health, welfare, and performance cannot be overstated. Despite best efforts, the incidence of health disorders remains greater than desirable. This conference will focus on the scientific advancements made in the 10 years and will discuss the unanswered questions and controversies about this critical period. We will emphasize the interactive spirit of Discover conferences with structured small group discussions woven into the program, including focused discussions with the speakers. The program will bridge from the fundamental science to application.

Moving DC39 online allows us to safely offer the same quality programming, impactful networking. and opportunities to reflect and connect but with an even broader group of colleagues from around the world.

Who Should Attend?

Nutritionists, veterinary practitioners, researchers, educators, producers, consultants and others involved in the science and management of transition cows are encouraged to participate in this interactive program. Graduate Students and early career professionals are especially encouraged to attend.


The 39th ADSA Discover Conference has moved from an in-person event to a fully online event. Registration postmarked by Monday, September 28, 2020 is now $215.00 for ADSA-ARPAS members and $335.00 for non-members*. After September 28, the registration fee will be $265.00 member/$385.00 non-member and will be accepted on an availability basis.

ADSA Discover Conferences offers discounted Graduate Student Registrations for each conference. The Graduate Student Member rate is now $95 and is available to 15 students on a first come, first served basis. To register, click the Online Registration link below.

Your registration includes 90 days free access to the Searchable Proceedings of Animal Conferences (S-PAC).

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DC39 will now be held virtually. If you have a reservation in the DC39 block at Eaglewood, your room will automatically be canceled. You do not need to contact Eaglewood.
If you booked outside of our block or at another property, we encourage you to cancel those reservations immediately.


DC39 will now be held virtually. If you have booked flights for this conference, we encourage you to cancel those reservations immediately.

Attention Graduate Students

Reduced Registration Rates for Graduate Students - Sold out

The graduate student member registration rate for this virtual conference is $95, well below the professional member rate of $215. This offer is available to graduate students who are members of ADSA* and is available to the first 15 graduate student registrants.

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Conference Speaker Information

Your Role as a Virtual Invited Speaker
Speaker Recording and Upload Instructions
Recording your Presentation Using Zoom
Tips for Effective Presentations
Sample Speaker Bio
Sample Interpretive Summary
Presentation Upload Link - due October 5

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Add For questions or technical support, contact Kevin Wolter at vmsupport@assochq.org and Molly Kelley, mollyk@adsa.org

Virtual Conference Details

October 27 - 29, 2020
Hosted by the American Dairy Science Association

Program Committee

  • Stephen LeBlanc, University of Guelph - Co-chair
  • Phil Cardoso, University of Illinois - Co-chair
  • Joe McFadden, Cornell University
  • Heather M. White, University of Wisconsin
  • Buzz Burhans, Dairy-Tech Group
  • Katy Proudfoot, University of Prince Edward Island

Conference Sponsors