JDS Top 100 for 2020

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JDS Top 100 for 2020

Congratulations to the following authors. The Journal of Dairy Science recently recognized the these papers and authors as being among the most highly cited and recently published (2017-present). Papers are listed in the order in which they were published in the journal.

Invited review: A systematic literature review and meta-analysis of mortality and culling in dairy cattle.
Compton, CWR; Heuer, C; Thomsen, PT; Carpenter, TE; Phyn, CVC; McDougall, S
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:1–16;

Assessment of multifunctional activity of bioactive peptides derived from fermented milk by specific Lactobacillus plantarum strains.
Aguilar-Toala, JE; Santiago-Lopez, L; Peres, CM; Peres, C; Garcia, HS; Vallejo-Cordoba, B; Gonzalez-Cordova, AF; Hernandez-Mendoza, A
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:65–75;

Breed of cow and herd productivity affect milk composition and modeling of coagulation, curd firming, and syneresis.
Stocco, G; Cipolat-Gotet, C; Bobbo, T; Cecchinato, A; Bittante, G
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:129–145;

Factors associated with intramammary infection in dairy cows caused by coagulase-negative staphylococci, Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus uberis, Streptococcus dysgalactiae, Corynebacterium bovis, or Escherichia coil.
Taponen, S; Liski, E; Heikkila, AM; Pyorala, S
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:493–503;

The effect of milk allowance on behavior and weight gains in dairy calves.
Rosenberger, K; Costa, JHC; Neave, HW; von Keyserlingk, MAG; Weary, DM
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:504–512;

Parity differences in the behavior of transition dairy cows.
Neave, HW; Lomb, J; von Keyserlingk, MAG; Behnam-Shabahang, A; Weary, DM
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:548–561;

Effect of claw disorders on milk production, fertility, and longevity, and their economic impact in Spanish Holstein cows.
Charfeddine, N; Perez-Cabal, MA
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:653–665;

Invited review: Phenotypes to genetically reduce greenhouse gas emissions in dairying.
de Haas, Y; Pszczola, M; Soyeurt, H; Wall, E; Lassen, J
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:855–870;

Estimating US dairy clinical disease costs with a stochastic simulation model.
Liang, D; Arnold, LM; Stowe, CJ; Harmon, RJ; Bewley, JM
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:1472–1486;

The effects of adding fat to diets of lactating dairy cows on total-tract neutral detergent fiber digestibility: A meta-analysis.
Weld, KA; Armentano, LE
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:1766–1779;

Associations between housing and management practices and the prevalence of lameness, hock lesions, and thin cows on US dairy operations.
Adams, AE; Lombard, JE; Fossler, CP; Roman-Muniz, IN; Kopral, CA
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:2119–2136;

Identification of bovine-associated coagulase-negative staphylococci by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry using a direct transfer protocol.
Cameron, M; Barkema, HW; De Buck, J; De Vliegher, S; Chaffer, M; Lewis, J; Keefe, GP
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:2137–2147;

Glucose requirements of an activated immune system in lactating Holstein cows.
Kvidera, SK; Horst, EA; Abuajamieh, M; Mayorga, EJ; Fernandez, MVS; Baumgard, LH
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:2360–2374;

Invited review: Large-scale indirect measurements for enteric methane emissions in dairy cattle: A review of proxies and their potential for use in management and breeding decisions.
Negussie, E; de Haas, Y; Dehareng, F; Dewhurst, RJ; Dijkstra, J; Gengler, N; Morgavi, DP; Soyeurt, H; van Gastelen, S; Yan, T; Biscarini, F
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:2433–2453;

The bovine colostrum microbiome and its association with clinical mastitis.
Lima, SF; Teixeira, AGV; Lima, FS; Ganda, EK; Higgins, CH; Oikonomou, G; Bicalho, RC
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:3031–3042;

Investigation of the effect of pegbovigrastim on some periparturient immune disorders and performance in Mexican dairy herds.
Ruiz, R; Tedeschi, LO; Sepulveda, A
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:3305–3317;

Determinants of farmers' adoption of management-based strategies for infectious disease prevention and control.
Ritter, C; Jansen, J; Roche, S; Kelton, DF; Adams, CL; Orsel, K; Erskine, RJ; Benedictus, G; Lam, TJGM; Barkema, HW
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:3329–3347;

Citizens' views on the practices of zero-grazing and cow-calf separation in the dairy industry: Does providing information increase acceptability?.
Hotzel, MJ; Cardoso, CS; Roslindo, A; von Keyserlingk, MAG
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:4150–4160;

Feed sorting in dairy cattle: Causes, consequences, and management.
Miller-Cushon, EK; DeVries, TJ
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:4172–4183;

The anti-inflammatory properties of dairy lipids.
Lordan, R; Zabetakis, I
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:4197–4212;

Meta-analysis of effects of inoculation with homofermentative and facultative heterofermentative lactic acid bacteria on silage fermentation, aerobic stability, and the performance of dairy cows.
Oliveira, AS; Weinberg, ZG; Ogunade, IM; Cervantes, AAP; Arriola, KG; Jiang, Y; Kim, D; Li, XJ; Goncalves, MCM; Vyas, D; Adesogan, AT
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:4587–4603;

Incidence of clinical mastitis and distribution of pathogens on large Chinese dairy farms.
Gao, J; Barkema, HW; Zhang, LM; Liu, G; Deng, ZJ; Cai, LJ; Shan, RX; Zhang, SY; Zou, JQ; Kastelic, JP; Han, B
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:4797–4806;

Differential somatic cell count-A novel method for routine mastitis screening in the frame of Dairy Herd Improvement testing programs.
Damm, M; Holm, C; Blaabjerg, M; Bro, MN; Schwarz, D
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:4926–4940;

16S rRNA gene sequencing reveals the microbiome of the virgin and pregnant bovine uterus.
Moore, SG; Ericsson, AC; Poock, SE; Melendez, P; Lucy, MC
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:4953–4960;

The effects of heat stress on protein metabolism in lactating Holstein cows.
Gao, ST; Guo, J; Quan, SY; Nan, XM; Fernandez, MVS; Baumgard, LH; Bu, DP
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:5040–5049;

Machine-learning-based calving prediction from activity, lying, and ruminating behaviors in dairy cattle.
Borchers, MR; Chang, YM; Proudfoot, KL; Wadsworth, BA; Stone, AE; Bewley, JM
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:5664–5674;

From pre- to postweaning: Transformation of the young calf's gastrointestinal tract.
Meale, SJ; Chaucheyras-Durand, F; Berends, H; Guan, LL; Steele, MA
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:5984–5995;

Invited review: Inbreeding in the genomics era: Inbreeding, inbreeding depression, and management of genomic variability.
Howard, JT; Pryce, JE; Baes, C; Maltecca, C
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:6009–6024;

Antioxidant status and gut microbiota change in an aging mouse model as influenced by exopolysaccharide produced by Lactobacillus plantarum YW11 isolated from Tibetan kefir.
Zhang, J; Zhao, X; Jiang, YY; Zhao, W; Guo, T; Cao, YQ; Teng, JW; Hao, XN; Zhao, J; Yang, ZN
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:6025–6041;

Rapid consumer-based sensory characterization of requeijao cremoso, a spreadable processed cheese: Performance of new statistical approaches to evaluate check-all-that-apply data.
Torres, FR; Esmerino, EA; Carr, BT; Ferrao, LL; Granato, D; Pimentel, TC; Bolini, HMA; Freitas, MQ; Cruz, AG
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:6100–6110;

Reformulating Minas Frescal cheese using consumers' perceptions: Insights from intensity scales and check-all-that-apply questionnaires.
Oliveira, EW; Esmerino, EA; Carr, BT; Pinto, LPF; Silva, HLA; Pimentel, TC; Bolini, HMA; Cruz, AG; Freitas, MQ
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:6111–6124;

Associations between subclinical hypocalcemia and postparturient diseases in dairy cows.
Rodriguez, EM; Aris, A; Bach, A
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:7427–7434;

Ethyl-cellulose rumen-protected methionine enhances performance during the periparturient period and early lactation in Holstein dairy cows.
Batistel, F; Arroyo, JM; Bellingeri, A; Wang, L; Saremi, B; Parys, C; Trevisi, E; Cardoso, FC; Loor, JJ
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:7455–7467;

Human milk oligosaccharide consumption by probiotic and human-associated bifidobacteria and lactobacilli.
Thongaram, T; Hoeflinger, JL; Chow, J; Miller, MJ
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:7825–7833;

Invited review: Effects of heat stress on dairy cattle welfare.
Poisky, L; von Keyserlingk, MAG
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:8645–8657;

Consumers' perceptions toward 3 different fermented dairy products: Insights from focus groups, word association, and projective mapping.
Esmerino, EA; Ferraz, JP; Tavares, ER; Pinto, LPF; Freitas, MQ; Cruz, AG; Bolini, HMA
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:8849–8860;

A 100-Year Review: Cheese production and quality.
Johnson, ME
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:9952–9965;

A 100-Year Review: Yogurt and other cultured dairy products.
Aryana, KJ; Olson, DW
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:9987–10013;

A 100-Year Review: Advances in goat milk research.
Clark, S; Garcia, MBM
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:10026–10044;

A 100-Year Review: Protein and amino acid nutrition in dairy cows.
Schwab, CG; Broderick, GA
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:10094–10112;

A 100-Year Review: Calf nutrition and management.
Kertz, AF; Hill, TM; Quigley, JD; Heinrichs, AJ; Linn, JG; Drackley, JK
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:10151–10172;

A 100-Year Review: Identification and genetic selection of economically important traits in dairy cattle.
Miglior, F; Fleming, A; Malchiodi, F; Brito, LF; Martin, P; Baes, CF
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:10251–10271;

A 100-Year Review: Reproductive technologies in dairy science.
Moore, SG; Hasler, JF
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:10314–10331;

A 100-Year Review: Regulation of nutrient partitioning to support lactation.
Baumgard, LH; Collier, RJ; Bauman, DE
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:10353–10366;

A 100-Year Review: Stress physiology including heat stress.
Collier, RJ; Renquist, BJ; Xiao, Y
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:10367–10380;

A 100-Year Review: Mastitis detection, management, and prevention1.
Ruegg, PL
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:10381–10397;

Camel milk protein hydrolysates with improved technofunctional properties and enhanced antioxidant potential in in vitro and in food model systems.
Al-Shamsi, KA; Mudgil, P; Hassan, HM; Maqsoodl, S
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:47–60;

Effect of milk replacer feeding rate, age at weaning, and method of reducing milk replacer to weaning on digestion, performance, rumination, and activity in dairy calves to 4 months of age.
Dennis, TS; Suarez-Mena, FX; Hill, TM; Quigley, JD; Schlotterbeck, RL; Hulbert, L
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:268–278;

Alterations in ruminal bacterial populations at induction and recovery from diet-induced milk fat depression in dairy cow.
Pitta, DW; Indugu, N; Vecchiarelli, B; Rico, DE; Harvatine, KJ
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:295–309;

Ethyl-cellulose rumen-protected methionine alleviates inflammation and oxidative stress and improves neutrophil function during the periparturient period and early lactation in Holstein dairy cows.
Batistel, F; Arroyo, JM; Garces, CIM; Trevisi, E; Parys, C; Ballou, MA; Cardoso, FC; Loor, JJ
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:480–490;

Identification of potential embryokines in the bovine reproductive tract.
Tribulo, P; Siqueira, LGB; Oliveira, LJ; Scheffler, T; Hansen, PJ
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:690–704;

Practical feeding management recommendations to mitigate the risk of subacute ruminal acidosis in dairy cattle.
Humer, E; Petri, RM; Aschenbach, JR; Bradford, BJ; Penner, GB; Tafaj, M; Sudekum, KH; Zebeli, Q
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:872–888;

In vitro investigation of anticancer, antihypertensive, antidiabetic, and antioxidant activities of camel milk fermented with camel milk probiotic: A comparative study with fermented bovine milk.
Ayyash, M; Al-Dhaheri, AS; Al Mahadin, S; Kizhakkayil, J; Abushelaibi, A
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:900–911;

Effect of different forage types on the volatile and sensory properties of bovine milk.
Faulkner, H; O'Callaghan, TF; McAuliffe, S; Hennessy, D; Stanton, C; O'Sullivan, MG; Kerry, JP; Kilcawley, KN
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:1034–1047;

Effects of supplementation with ruminally protected choline on performance of multiparous Holstein cows did not depend upon prepartum caloric intake.
Zenobi, MG; Gardinal, R; Zuniga, JE; Dias, ALG; Nelson, CD; Driver, JP; Barton, BA; Santos, JEP; Staples, CR
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:1088–1110;

Calf management risk factors on dairy farms associated with male calf mortality on veal farms.
Renaud, DL; Kelton, DF; LeBlanc, SJ; Haley, DB; Duffield, TF
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:1785–1794;

Bacterial diversity and composition of alfalfa silage as analyzed by Illumina MiSeq sequencing: Effects of Escherichia coli O157:H7 and silage additives.
Ogunade, IM; Jiang, Y; Cervantes, AAP; Kim, DH; Oliveira, AS; Vyas, D; Weinberg, ZG; Jeong, KC; Adesogan, AT
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:2048–2059;

Moderate lameness leads to marked behavioral changes in dairy cows.
Weigele, HC; Gygax, L; Steiner, A; Wechsler, B; Burla, JB
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:2370–2382;

Evaluation and validation of an automatic jaw movement recorder (RumiWatch) for ingestive and rumination behaviors of dairy cows during grazing and supplementation.
Rombach, M; Munger, A; Niederhauser, J; Sudekum, KH; Schori, F
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:2463–2475;

Effects of prepartum dietary cation-anion difference and source of vitamin D in dairy cows: Vitamin D, mineral, and bone metabolism.
Rodney, RM; Martinez, N; Block, E; Hernandez, LL; Celi, P; Nelson, CD; Santos, JEP; Lean, IJ
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:2519–2543;

Effects of prepartum dietary cation-anion difference and source of vitamin D in dairy cows: Health and reproductive responses.
Martinez, N; Rodney, RM; Block, E; Hernandez, LL; Nelson, CD; Lean, IJ; Santos, JEP
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:2563–2578;

Novel strategies to genetically improve mastitis resistance in dairy cattle.
Martin, P; Barkema, HW; Brito, LF; Narayana, SG; Miglior, F
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:2724–2736;

Mineral absorption mechanisms, mineral interactions that affect acid-base and antioxidant status, and diet considerations to improve mineral status.
Goff, JP
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:2763–2813;

High concentrations of fatty acids and beta-hydroxybutyrate impair the growth hormone-mediated hepatic JAK2-STAT5 pathway in clinically ketotic cows.
Du, XL; Zhu, YW; Peng, ZC; Cui, YX; Zhang, Q; Shi, Z; Guan, Y; Sha, XY; Shen, TY; Yang, YC; Li, XB; Wang, Z; Li, XW; Liu, GW
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:3476–3487;

Symposium review: Building a better cow-The Australian experience and future perspectives.
Pryce, JE; Nguyen, TTT; Axford, M; Nieuwhof, G; Shaffer, M
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:3702–3713;

Invited review: Learning from the future-A vision for dairy farms and cows in 2067.
Britt, JH; Cushman, RA; Dechow, CD; Dobson, H; Humblot, P; Hutjens, MF; Jones, GA; Ruegg, PS; Sheldon, IM; Stevenson, JS
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:3722–3741;

Invited review: Bioactive compounds produced during cheese ripening and health effects associated with aged cheese consumption.
Santiago-Lopez, L; Aguilar-Toala, JE; Hernandez-Mendoza, A; Vallejo-Cordoba, B; Liceaga, AM; Gonzalez-Cordova, AF
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:3742–3757;

Comparison of antioxidant capacity of cow and ewe milk kefirs.
Yilmaz-Ersan, L; Ozcan, T; Akpinar-Bayizit, A; Sahin, S
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:3788–3798;

Silage review: Factors affecting dry matter and quality losses in silages.
Borreani, G; Tabacco, E; Schmidt, RJ; Holmes, BJ; Muck, RE
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:3952–3979;

Silage review: Recent advances and future uses of silage additives.
Muck, RE; Nadeau, EMG; McAllister, TA; Contreras-Govea, FE; Santos, MC; Kung, L
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:3980–4000;

Silage review: Unique challenges of silages made in hot and cold regions.
Bernardes, TF; Daniel, JLP; Adesogan, AT; McAllister, TA; Drouin, P; Nussio, LG; Huhtanen, P; Tremblay, GF; Belanger, G; Cai, Y
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:4001–4019;

Silage review: Interpretation of chemical, microbial, and organoleptic components of silages.
Kung, LM; Shaver, RD; Grant, RJ; Schmidt, RJ
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:4020–4033;

Silage review: Mycotoxins in silage: Occurrence, effects, prevention, and mitigation.
Ogunade, IM; Martinez-Tuppia, C; Queiroz, OCM; Jiang, Y; Drouin, P; Wu, F; Vyas, D; Adesogan, AT
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:4034–4059;

Silage review: Animal and human health risks from silage.
Driehuis, F; Wilkinson, JM; Jiang, Y; Ogunade, I; Adesogan, AT
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:4093–4110;

Silage review: Silage feeding management: Silage characteristics and dairy cow feeding behavior.
Grant, RJ; Ferraretto, LF
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:4111–4121;

Silage review: Foodborne pathogens in silage and their mitigation by silage additives.
Queiroz, OCM; Ogunade, IM; Weinberg, Z; Adesogan, AT
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:4132–4142;

Invited review: Whey proteins as antioxidants and promoters of cellular antioxidant pathways.
Corrochano, AR; Buckin, V; Kelly, PM; Giblin, L
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:4747–4761;

Invited review: Current perspectives on eating and rumination activity in dairy cows.
Beauchemin, KA
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:4762–4784;

Invited review: Use of butyrate to promote gastrointestinal tract development in calves.
Gorka, P; Kowalski, ZM; Zabielski, R; Guilloteau, P
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:4785–4800;

Invited review: Genetics and claw health: Opportunities to enhance claw health by genetic selection.
Heringstad, B; Egger-Danner, C; Charfeddine, N; Pryce, JE; Stock, KF; Kofler, J; Sogstad, AM; Holzhauer, M; Fiedler, A; Muller, K; Nielsen, P; Thomas, G; Gengler, N; de Jong, G; Odegard, C; Malchiodi, F; Miglior, F; Alsaaod, M; Cole, JB
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:4801–4821;

Factors associated with profitability in pasture-based systems of milk production.
Hanrahan, L; McHugh, N; Hennessy, T; Moran, B; Kearney, R; Wallace, M; Shalloo, L
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:5474–5485;

Nanozyme-based lateral flow assay for the sensitive detection of Escherichia coli O157:H7 in milk.
Han, JJ; Zhang, L; Hu, LM; Xing, KY; Lu, XF; Huang, YJ; Zhang, JW; Lai, WH; Chen, T
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:5770–5779;

Symposium review: Uncertainties in enteric methane inventories, measurement techniques, and prediction models.
Hristov, AN; Kebreab, E; Niu, M; Oh, J; Bannink, A; Bayat, AR; Boland, TM; Brito, AF; Casper, DP; Crompton, LA; Dijkstra, J; Eugene, M; Garnsworthy, PC; Haque, N; Hellwing, ALF; Huhtanen, P; Kreuzer, M; Kuhla, B; Lund, P; Madsen, J; Martin, C; Moate, PJ; Muetzel, S; Munoz, C; Peiren, N; Powell, JM; Reynolds, CK; Schwarm, A; Shingfield, KJ; Storlien, TM; Weisbjerg, MR; Yanez-Ruiz, DR; Yu, Z
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:6655–6674;

Invited review: Current production trends, farm structures, and economics of the dairy sheep and goat sectors.
Pulina, G; Milan, MJ; Lavin, MP; Theodoridis, A; Morin, E; Capote, J; Thomas, DL; Francesconi, AHD; Caja, G
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:6715–6729;

Extensive countrywide field investigation of subclinical mastitis in sheep in Greece.
Vasileiou, NGC; Cripps, PJ; Ioannidi, KS; Chatzopoulos, DC; Gougoulis, DA; Sarrou, S; Orfanou, DC; Politis, AP; Gonzalez-Valerio, TC; Argyros, S; Mavrogianni, VS; Petinaki, E; Fthenakis, GC
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:7297–7310;

Sodium reduction and flavor enhancer addition in probiotic prato cheese: Contributions of quantitative descriptive analysis and temporal dominance of sensations for sensory profiling.
Silva, HLA; Balthazar, CF; Silva, R; Vieira, AH; Costa, RGB; Esmerino, EA; Freitas, MQ; Cruz, AG
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:8837–8846;

Preweaned heifer management on US dairy operations: Part V. Factors associated with morbidity and mortality in preweaned dairy heifer calves.
Urie, NJ; Lombard, JE; Shivley, CB; Kopral, CA; Adams, AE; Earleywine, TJ; Olson, JD; Garry, FB
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:9229–9244;

Pathogen-specific production losses in bovine mastitis.
Heikkila, AM; Liski, E; Pyorala, S; Taponen, S
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:9493–9504;

Adaptations of hepatic lipid metabolism and mitochondria in dairy cows with mild fatty liver.
Du, XL; Shen, TY; Wang, HY; Qin, X; Xing, DM; Ye, QQ; Shi, Z; Fang, ZY; Zhu, YW; Yang, YC; Peng, ZC; Zhao, CX; Lv, B; Li, XB; Liu, GW; Li, XW
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:9544–9558;

Invited review: Microbiota of the bovine udder: Contributing factors and potential implications for udder health and mastitis susceptibility.
Derakhshani, H; Fehr, KB; Sepehri, S; Francoz, D; De Buck, J; Barkema, HW; Plaizier, JC; Khafipour, E
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:10605–10625;

Energy and nitrogen partitioning in dairy cows at low or high metabolizable protein levels is affected differently by postrumen glucogenic and lipogenic substrates.
Nichols, K; Dijkstra, J; van Laar, H; Pacheco, S; van Valenberg, HJ; Bannink, A
2019. J Dairy Sci. 102:395–412;

Short communication: Compositional characteristics and aromatic profile of caciotta cheese obtained from Friesian cows fed with a dietary supplementation of dried grape pomace.
Ianni, A; Innosa, D; Martino, C; Bennato, F; Martino, G
2019. J Dairy Sci. 102:1025–1032;

Expression patterns of hepatic genes involved in lipid metabolism in cows with subclinical or clinical ketosis.
Zhu, YW; Liu, GW; Du, XL; Shi, Z; Jin, MY; Sha, XY; Li, XB; Wang, Z; Li, XW
2019. J Dairy Sci. 102:1725–1735;

Metabolic profiling of early-lactation dairy cows using milk mid-infrared spectra.
Luke, TDW; Rochfort, S; Wales, WJ; Bonfatti, V; Marett, L; Pryce, JE
2019. J Dairy Sci. 102:1747–1760;

Effects of prepartum dietary cation-anion difference intake on production and health of dairy cows: A meta-analysis.
Lean, IJ; Santos, JEP; Block, E; Golder, HM
2019. J Dairy Sci. 102:2103–2133;

Meta-analysis of the effects of prepartum dietary cation-anion difference on performance and health of dairy cows.
Santos, JEP; Lean, IJ; Golder, H; Block, E
2019. J Dairy Sci. 102:2134–2154;

Bovine mastitis bacteria resolved by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry.
Nonnemann, B; Lyhs, U; Svennesen, L; Kristensen, KA; Klaas, IC; Pedersen, K
2019. J Dairy Sci. 102:2515–2524;

Hot topic: Selecting cattle for low residual feed intake did not affect daily methane production but increased methane yield.
Flay, HE; Kuhn-Sherlock, B; Macdonald, KA; Camara, M; Lopez-Villalobos, N; Donaghy, DJ; Roche, JR
2019. J Dairy Sci. 102:2708–2713;

Zinc supplementation of Friesian cows: Effect on chemical-nutritional composition and aromatic profile of dairy products.
Ianni, A; Innosa, D; Martino, C; Grotta, L; Bennato, F; Martino, G
2019. J Dairy Sci. 102:2918–2927;

Invited review: Plant polyphenols and rumen microbiota responsible for fatty acid biohydrogenation, fiber digestion, and methane emission: Experimental evidence and methodological approaches.
Vasta, V; Daghio, M; Cappucci, A; Buccioni, A; Serra, A; Viti, C; Mele, M
2019. J Dairy Sci. 102:3781–3804;

Effect of heat stress during early, late, and entire dry period on dairy cattle.
Fabris, TF; Laporta, J; Skibiel, AL; Corra, FN; Senn, BD; Wohigemuth, SE; Dahl, GE
2019. J Dairy Sci. 102:5647–5656;

Fermented whey dairy beverage offers protection against Salmonella enterica ssp. enterica serovar Typhimurium infection in mice.
Cordeiro, MA; Souza, ELS; Arantes, RME; Balthazar, CF; Guimaraes, JT; Scudino, H; Silva, HLA; Rocha, RS; Freitas, MQ; Esmerino, EA; Silva, MC; Pimentel, TC; Granato, D; Costa, RGB; Cruz, AG; Martins, FS
2019. J Dairy Sci. 102:6756–6765;

Fatty acid-induced endoplasmic reticulum stress promoted lipid accumulation in calf hepatocytes, and endoplasmic reticulum stress existed in the liver of severe fatty liver cows.
Zhu, YW; Guan, Y; Loor, JJ; Sha, XY; Coleman, DN; Zhang, C; Du, XL; Shi, Z; Li, XB; Wang, Z; Liu, GW; Li, XW
2019. J Dairy Sci. 102:7359–7370;

Dietary supplementation of Saanen goats with dried licorice root modifies chemical and textural properties of dairy products.
Bennato, F; Ianni, A; Martino, C; Di Luca, A; Innosa, D; Fusco, AM; Pomilio, F; Martino, G
2020. J Dairy Sci. 103:52–62;

Meta-analysis of the effects of supplemental rumen-protected choline during the transition period on performance and health of parous dairy cows.
Arshad, U; Zenobi, MG; Staples, CR; Santos, JEP
2020. J Dairy Sci. 103:282–300;

Postprandial glycemia in healthy subjects: Which probiotic dairy food is more adequate?.
Grom, LC; Rocha, RS; Balthazar, CF; Guimaraes, JT; Coutinho, NM; Barros, CP; Pimentel, TC; Venancio, EL; Collopy, I; Maciel, PMC; Silva, PHF; Granato, D; Freitas, MQ; Esmerino, EA; Silva, MC; Cruz, AG
2020. J Dairy Sci. 103:1110–1119;

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