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Matthew C. Lucy (19)
University of Missouri

Dairy Foods (all subsections)
John McKillip, Senior Editor (19)
Ball State University

Lisbeth Goddik, Editor (18)
Oregon State University

Federico Harte, Editor (18)
Penn State University

Michael Miller, Editor (20)
University of Illinois

Yves Pouliot, Editor (19)
Université Laval

Scott A. Rankin, Editor (20)
University of Wisconsin–Madison

Animal Nutrition
Paul Kononoff, Senior Editor (19)
University of Nebraska

Jeffrey L. Firkins, Editor (20)
The Ohio State University

Masahito Oba, Editor (19)
University of Alberta

Zhongtang Yu, Editor (18)
The Ohio State University

Genetics and Genomics
Christian Maltecca, Senior Editor (20)
North Carolina State University

Andrés Legarra, Editor (20)

Nicolo Macciotta, Editor (18)
University of Sassari

Health, Behavior, and Well-being
Tanya Gressley, Senior Editor (20)
University of Delaware

Jon Huxley, Editor (20)
Massey University

Stephen LeBlanc, Editor (18)
University of Guelph

Pamela Ruegg, Editor (19)
Michigan State University

Dan Weary, Editor (18)
University of British Columbia

Management and Economics
John Roche, Senior Editor (18)
Ministry for Primary Industries
New Zealand

Albert De Vries, Editor (18)
University of Florida

Stephen Butler, Senior Editor (18)
Teagasc, Ireland

David Beede, Editor (18)
Michigan State University

Gerd Bobe, Editor (20)
Oregon State University

Invited Reviews
Filippo Miglior, Editor (18)
Canadian Dairy Network

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