ADSA Introduces the S-PAC and Large Dairy Herd Management Bundle

Champaign, IL, September 14, 2020 – The American Dairy Science Association (ADSA®) is pleased to announce a new information resource package for dairy professionals. The Searchable Proceedings of Animal Conferences (S-PAC®) and the Large Dairy Herd Management (3rd ed., e-book) will be provided as a package.  Students and professionals with annual subscriptions to S-PAC will receive a personal copy of Large Dairy Herd Management with their paid S-PAC subscription.

Both parts of the package are widely used around the world, but in case you are not familiar with either, here are brief descriptions:

S-PAC ( is a subscription service offered by ADSA providing access to the largest online collection of animal conference proceedings available with over 660 proceedings from more than 60 of the top animal related conferences in the world now in the database. Users can use their preferred device to search the complete S-PAC database or use a refined search within selected proceedings.

The third edition of Large Dairy Herd Management (e-book) ( was developed to help meet the growing information needs of dairy farmers, service professionals, and students worldwide. It is fully updated and includes numerous color figures and video; is available in PDF and EPUB formats; and has separate metric and imperial versions. This e-book brings peer-reviewed dairy science and management information to users in an accessible, easy-to-use format.

“We are thrilled to bring this bundle to the dairy science community. By providing more science-based content in one package, we hope students and professionals alike will take advantage of this opportunity,” said Catharine Perry, ADSA executive director.

S-PAC subscriptions run for 12 months from the date of purchase. ADSA members receive a 50% discount on the price of their S-PAC subscription as one of our many member benefits.

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