Spotlight Albert De Vries

Name: Albert De Vries
Institution: University of Florida
Current role with ADSA: Treasurer
LinkedIn: Albert De Vries
Twitter: @albertdevries

  1. How long have you been involved with ADSA, and what compelled you to join the association?
    I have been an ADSA member since my first year in graduate school. This was in 1995 at the University of Minnesota. I probably first joined because all dairy graduate students went to present their research at the ADSA annual meeting. I also quickly learned that ADSA was then and still is the “home” for dairy scientists. I cannot imagine being a dairy scientist and not being an ADSA member.
  2. What do you enjoy most about being a board member?
    I have only been a board member since late 2021, but I already knew most of the people on the board. I enjoy being involved in ADSA and look forward to serving on the board. I am currently finishing up my term as senior section editor for the Journal of Dairy Science. I have also represented ADSA at the European Federation of Animal Science for the last 3 years. I have been involved with organizing three Discover Conferences and several symposia at the ADSA annual meetings.
  3. Why is it important for the dairy science community to participate in the association?
    It is important to create a community of dairy scientists within one association. ADSA and its resources have allowed me to connect with fellow dairy scientists from North America and across the world. It is so much easier to work together, ask questions, know who to invite for your next conference, and so on, when you know people and their work.
  4. What do you think is the most important resource that ADSA provides the scientific community?
    The Journal of Dairy Science and the annual meeting are very important. I also like the Discover conferences. All three are greatly supported by the dairy science community and allied industry. I believe it is important to stay connected with colleagues in allied industries.
  5. What strategic initiative of ADSA are you most passionate about and why?
    The move to make the Journal of Dairy Science a gold open access journal is important. Dairy scientists want their science in the open for everyone to see. The time from submission to decision and to final publication of articles needs to be short, because it determines where dairy scientists send their next paper.
  6. What is one pressing challenge for the future of the dairy industry and how is ADSA addressing that through its new strategic plan?
    One pressing challenge for the future of the dairy industry and the dairy science community is to separate fact from fiction. How do we make sure that science remains more than just someone’s opinion?