Thank you for your interest in serving ADSA, the Annual Meeting and other scientific programming efforts, and the global dairy industry! Interested members may volunteer to serve as member of a program committee according to the sections displayed below.


The term of a program committee member is three years, culminating in the committee member serving as chair in their third and final year.

The scientific program committees work cooperatively to develop Annual Meeting symposium proposals, as well as other scientific programming outside of the Annual Meeting, relevant to the committee’s area of study. Committee members participate in the review and scheduling of Annual Meeting general abstracts submitted to the section. Committee members may further be selected to serve as session chairs (moderators) during the Annual Meeting.

In the final year of a committee member’s term, they will serve as the program committee chair, responsible for leading the committee’s efforts in planning the section’s symposia and general sessions, and recruiting and assigning session chairs who will preside over the oral presentation sessions at the Annual Meeting. The chair also oversees the review of all general‐submission abstracts received by the section (this includes assigning abstracts to committee members or reviewers for review, and making the final decision on all submitted abstracts).

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