Congratulations to the following authors. The Journal of Dairy Science® recently recognized these papers and authors as being among the most highly cited and recently published (2017-present). Papers are listed in the order in which they were published in the journal.

Invited review: A systematic literature review and meta-analysis of mortality and culling in dairy cattle.
Compton, CWR; Heuer, C; Thomsen, PT; Carpenter, TE; Phyn, CVC; McDougall, S
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:1–16;

Assessment of multifunctional activity of bioactive peptides derived from fermented milk by specific Lactobacillus plantarum strains.
Aguilar-Toala, JE; Santiago-Lopez, L; Peres, CM; Peres, C; Garcia, HS; Vallejo-Cordoba, B; Gonzalez-Cordova, AF; Hernandez-Mendoza, A
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:65–75;

Breed of cow and herd productivity affect milk composition and modeling of coagulation, curd firming, and syneresis.
Stocco, G; Cipolat-Gotet, C; Bobbo, T; Cecchinato, A; Bittante, G
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:129–145;

Factors associated with intramammary infection in dairy cows caused by coagulase-negative staphylococci, Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus uberis, Streptococcus dysgalactiae, Corynebacterium bovis, or Escherichia coil.
Taponen, S; Liski, E; Heikkila, AM; Pyorala, S
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:493–503;

The effect of milk allowance on behavior and weight gains in dairy calves.
Rosenberger, K; Costa, JHC; Neave, HW; von Keyserlingk, MAG; Weary, DM
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:504–512;

Parity differences in the behavior of transition dairy cows.
Neave, HW; Lomb, J; von Keyserlingk, MAG; Behnam-Shabahang, A; Weary, DM
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:548–561;

Effect of claw disorders on milk production, fertility, and longevity, and their economic impact in Spanish Holstein cows.
Charfeddine, N; Perez-Cabal, MA
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:653–665;

Invited review: Phenotypes to genetically reduce greenhouse gas emissions in dairying.
de Haas, Y; Pszczola, M; Soyeurt, H; Wall, E; Lassen, J
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:855–870;

Estimating US dairy clinical disease costs with a stochastic simulation model.
Liang, D; Arnold, LM; Stowe, CJ; Harmon, RJ; Bewley, JM
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:1472–1486;

The effects of adding fat to diets of lactating dairy cows on total-tract neutral detergent fiber digestibility: A meta-analysis.
Weld, KA; Armentano, LE
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:1766–1779;

Associations between housing and management practices and the prevalence of lameness, hock lesions, and thin cows on US dairy operations.
Adams, AE; Lombard, JE; Fossler, CP; Roman-Muniz, IN; Kopral, CA
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:2119–2136;

Identification of bovine-associated coagulase-negative staphylococci by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry using a direct transfer protocol.
Cameron, M; Barkema, HW; De Buck, J; De Vliegher, S; Chaffer, M; Lewis, J; Keefe, GP
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:2137–2147;

Glucose requirements of an activated immune system in lactating Holstein cows.
Kvidera, SK; Horst, EA; Abuajamieh, M; Mayorga, EJ; Fernandez, MVS; Baumgard, LH
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:2360–2374;

Invited review: Large-scale indirect measurements for enteric methane emissions in dairy cattle: A review of proxies and their potential for use in management and breeding decisions.
Negussie, E; de Haas, Y; Dehareng, F; Dewhurst, RJ; Dijkstra, J; Gengler, N; Morgavi, DP; Soyeurt, H; van Gastelen, S; Yan, T; Biscarini, F
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:2433–2453;

The bovine colostrum microbiome and its association with clinical mastitis.
Lima, SF; Teixeira, AGV; Lima, FS; Ganda, EK; Higgins, CH; Oikonomou, G; Bicalho, RC
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:3031–3042;

Investigation of the effect of pegbovigrastim on some periparturient immune disorders and performance in Mexican dairy herds.
Ruiz, R; Tedeschi, LO; Sepulveda, A
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:3305–3317;

Determinants of farmers' adoption of management-based strategies for infectious disease prevention and control.
Ritter, C; Jansen, J; Roche, S; Kelton, DF; Adams, CL; Orsel, K; Erskine, RJ; Benedictus, G; Lam, TJGM; Barkema, HW
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:3329–3347;

Citizens' views on the practices of zero-grazing and cow-calf separation in the dairy industry: Does providing information increase acceptability?.
Hotzel, MJ; Cardoso, CS; Roslindo, A; von Keyserlingk, MAG
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:4150–4160;

Feed sorting in dairy cattle: Causes, consequences, and management.
Miller-Cushon, EK; DeVries, TJ
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:4172–4183;

The anti-inflammatory properties of dairy lipids.
Lordan, R; Zabetakis, I
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:4197–4212;

Meta-analysis of effects of inoculation with homofermentative and facultative heterofermentative lactic acid bacteria on silage fermentation, aerobic stability, and the performance of dairy cows.
Oliveira, AS; Weinberg, ZG; Ogunade, IM; Cervantes, AAP; Arriola, KG; Jiang, Y; Kim, D; Li, XJ; Goncalves, MCM; Vyas, D; Adesogan, AT
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:4587–4603;

Incidence of clinical mastitis and distribution of pathogens on large Chinese dairy farms.
Gao, J; Barkema, HW; Zhang, LM; Liu, G; Deng, ZJ; Cai, LJ; Shan, RX; Zhang, SY; Zou, JQ; Kastelic, JP; Han, B
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:4797–4806;

Differential somatic cell count-A novel method for routine mastitis screening in the frame of Dairy Herd Improvement testing programs.
Damm, M; Holm, C; Blaabjerg, M; Bro, MN; Schwarz, D
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:4926–4940;

16S rRNA gene sequencing reveals the microbiome of the virgin and pregnant bovine uterus.
Moore, SG; Ericsson, AC; Poock, SE; Melendez, P; Lucy, MC
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:4953–4960;

The effects of heat stress on protein metabolism in lactating Holstein cows.
Gao, ST; Guo, J; Quan, SY; Nan, XM; Fernandez, MVS; Baumgard, LH; Bu, DP
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:5040–5049;

Machine-learning-based calving prediction from activity, lying, and ruminating behaviors in dairy cattle.
Borchers, MR; Chang, YM; Proudfoot, KL; Wadsworth, BA; Stone, AE; Bewley, JM
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:5664–5674;

From pre- to postweaning: Transformation of the young calf's gastrointestinal tract.
Meale, SJ; Chaucheyras-Durand, F; Berends, H; Guan, LL; Steele, MA
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:5984–5995;

Invited review: Inbreeding in the genomics era: Inbreeding, inbreeding depression, and management of genomic variability.
Howard, JT; Pryce, JE; Baes, C; Maltecca, C
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:6009–6024;

Antioxidant status and gut microbiota change in an aging mouse model as influenced by exopolysaccharide produced by Lactobacillus plantarum YW11 isolated from Tibetan kefir.
Zhang, J; Zhao, X; Jiang, YY; Zhao, W; Guo, T; Cao, YQ; Teng, JW; Hao, XN; Zhao, J; Yang, ZN
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:6025–6041;

Rapid consumer-based sensory characterization of requeijao cremoso, a spreadable processed cheese: Performance of new statistical approaches to evaluate check-all-that-apply data.
Torres, FR; Esmerino, EA; Carr, BT; Ferrao, LL; Granato, D; Pimentel, TC; Bolini, HMA; Freitas, MQ; Cruz, AG
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:6100–6110;

Reformulating Minas Frescal cheese using consumers' perceptions: Insights from intensity scales and check-all-that-apply questionnaires.
Oliveira, EW; Esmerino, EA; Carr, BT; Pinto, LPF; Silva, HLA; Pimentel, TC; Bolini, HMA; Cruz, AG; Freitas, MQ
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:6111–6124;

Associations between subclinical hypocalcemia and postparturient diseases in dairy cows.
Rodriguez, EM; Aris, A; Bach, A
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:7427–7434;

Ethyl-cellulose rumen-protected methionine enhances performance during the periparturient period and early lactation in Holstein dairy cows.
Batistel, F; Arroyo, JM; Bellingeri, A; Wang, L; Saremi, B; Parys, C; Trevisi, E; Cardoso, FC; Loor, JJ
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:7455–7467;

Human milk oligosaccharide consumption by probiotic and human-associated bifidobacteria and lactobacilli.
Thongaram, T; Hoeflinger, JL; Chow, J; Miller, MJ
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:7825–7833;

Invited review: Effects of heat stress on dairy cattle welfare.
Poisky, L; von Keyserlingk, MAG
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:8645–8657;

Consumers' perceptions toward 3 different fermented dairy products: Insights from focus groups, word association, and projective mapping.
Esmerino, EA; Ferraz, JP; Tavares, ER; Pinto, LPF; Freitas, MQ; Cruz, AG; Bolini, HMA
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:8849–8860;

A 100-Year Review: Cheese production and quality.
Johnson, ME
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:9952–9965;

A 100-Year Review: Yogurt and other cultured dairy products.
Aryana, KJ; Olson, DW
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:9987–10013;

A 100-Year Review: Advances in goat milk research.
Clark, S; Garcia, MBM
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:10026–10044;

A 100-Year Review: Protein and amino acid nutrition in dairy cows.
Schwab, CG; Broderick, GA
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:10094–10112;

A 100-Year Review: Calf nutrition and management.
Kertz, AF; Hill, TM; Quigley, JD; Heinrichs, AJ; Linn, JG; Drackley, JK
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:10151–10172;

A 100-Year Review: Identification and genetic selection of economically important traits in dairy cattle.
Miglior, F; Fleming, A; Malchiodi, F; Brito, LF; Martin, P; Baes, CF
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:10251–10271;

A 100-Year Review: Reproductive technologies in dairy science.
Moore, SG; Hasler, JF
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:10314–10331;

A 100-Year Review: Regulation of nutrient partitioning to support lactation.
Baumgard, LH; Collier, RJ; Bauman, DE
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:10353–10366;

A 100-Year Review: Stress physiology including heat stress.
Collier, RJ; Renquist, BJ; Xiao, Y
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:10367–10380;

A 100-Year Review: Mastitis detection, management, and prevention1.
Ruegg, PL
2017. J Dairy Sci. 100:10381–10397;

Camel milk protein hydrolysates with improved technofunctional properties and enhanced antioxidant potential in in vitro and in food model systems.
Al-Shamsi, KA; Mudgil, P; Hassan, HM; Maqsoodl, S
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:47–60;

Effect of milk replacer feeding rate, age at weaning, and method of reducing milk replacer to weaning on digestion, performance, rumination, and activity in dairy calves to 4 months of age.
Dennis, TS; Suarez-Mena, FX; Hill, TM; Quigley, JD; Schlotterbeck, RL; Hulbert, L
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:268–278;

Alterations in ruminal bacterial populations at induction and recovery from diet-induced milk fat depression in dairy cow.
Pitta, DW; Indugu, N; Vecchiarelli, B; Rico, DE; Harvatine, KJ
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:295–309;

Ethyl-cellulose rumen-protected methionine alleviates inflammation and oxidative stress and improves neutrophil function during the periparturient period and early lactation in Holstein dairy cows.
Batistel, F; Arroyo, JM; Garces, CIM; Trevisi, E; Parys, C; Ballou, MA; Cardoso, FC; Loor, JJ
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:480–490;

Identification of potential embryokines in the bovine reproductive tract.
Tribulo, P; Siqueira, LGB; Oliveira, LJ; Scheffler, T; Hansen, PJ
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:690–704;

Practical feeding management recommendations to mitigate the risk of subacute ruminal acidosis in dairy cattle.
Humer, E; Petri, RM; Aschenbach, JR; Bradford, BJ; Penner, GB; Tafaj, M; Sudekum, KH; Zebeli, Q
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:872–888;

In vitro investigation of anticancer, antihypertensive, antidiabetic, and antioxidant activities of camel milk fermented with camel milk probiotic: A comparative study with fermented bovine milk.
Ayyash, M; Al-Dhaheri, AS; Al Mahadin, S; Kizhakkayil, J; Abushelaibi, A
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:900–911;

Effect of different forage types on the volatile and sensory properties of bovine milk.
Faulkner, H; O'Callaghan, TF; McAuliffe, S; Hennessy, D; Stanton, C; O'Sullivan, MG; Kerry, JP; Kilcawley, KN
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:1034–1047;

Effects of supplementation with ruminally protected choline on performance of multiparous Holstein cows did not depend upon prepartum caloric intake.
Zenobi, MG; Gardinal, R; Zuniga, JE; Dias, ALG; Nelson, CD; Driver, JP; Barton, BA; Santos, JEP; Staples, CR
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:1088–1110;

Calf management risk factors on dairy farms associated with male calf mortality on veal farms.
Renaud, DL; Kelton, DF; LeBlanc, SJ; Haley, DB; Duffield, TF
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:1785–1794;

Bacterial diversity and composition of alfalfa silage as analyzed by Illumina MiSeq sequencing: Effects of Escherichia coli O157:H7 and silage additives.
Ogunade, IM; Jiang, Y; Cervantes, AAP; Kim, DH; Oliveira, AS; Vyas, D; Weinberg, ZG; Jeong, KC; Adesogan, AT
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:2048–2059;

Moderate lameness leads to marked behavioral changes in dairy cows.
Weigele, HC; Gygax, L; Steiner, A; Wechsler, B; Burla, JB
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:2370–2382;

Evaluation and validation of an automatic jaw movement recorder (RumiWatch) for ingestive and rumination behaviors of dairy cows during grazing and supplementation.
Rombach, M; Munger, A; Niederhauser, J; Sudekum, KH; Schori, F
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:2463–2475;

Effects of prepartum dietary cation-anion difference and source of vitamin D in dairy cows: Vitamin D, mineral, and bone metabolism.
Rodney, RM; Martinez, N; Block, E; Hernandez, LL; Celi, P; Nelson, CD; Santos, JEP; Lean, IJ
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:2519–2543;

Effects of prepartum dietary cation-anion difference and source of vitamin D in dairy cows: Health and reproductive responses.
Martinez, N; Rodney, RM; Block, E; Hernandez, LL; Nelson, CD; Lean, IJ; Santos, JEP
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:2563–2578;

Novel strategies to genetically improve mastitis resistance in dairy cattle.
Martin, P; Barkema, HW; Brito, LF; Narayana, SG; Miglior, F
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:2724–2736;

Mineral absorption mechanisms, mineral interactions that affect acid-base and antioxidant status, and diet considerations to improve mineral status.
Goff, JP
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:2763–2813;

High concentrations of fatty acids and beta-hydroxybutyrate impair the growth hormone-mediated hepatic JAK2-STAT5 pathway in clinically ketotic cows.
Du, XL; Zhu, YW; Peng, ZC; Cui, YX; Zhang, Q; Shi, Z; Guan, Y; Sha, XY; Shen, TY; Yang, YC; Li, XB; Wang, Z; Li, XW; Liu, GW
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:3476–3487;

Symposium review: Building a better cow-The Australian experience and future perspectives.
Pryce, JE; Nguyen, TTT; Axford, M; Nieuwhof, G; Shaffer, M
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:3702–3713;

Invited review: Learning from the future-A vision for dairy farms and cows in 2067.
Britt, JH; Cushman, RA; Dechow, CD; Dobson, H; Humblot, P; Hutjens, MF; Jones, GA; Ruegg, PS; Sheldon, IM; Stevenson, JS
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:3722–3741;

Invited review: Bioactive compounds produced during cheese ripening and health effects associated with aged cheese consumption.
Santiago-Lopez, L; Aguilar-Toala, JE; Hernandez-Mendoza, A; Vallejo-Cordoba, B; Liceaga, AM; Gonzalez-Cordova, AF
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:3742–3757;

Comparison of antioxidant capacity of cow and ewe milk kefirs.
Yilmaz-Ersan, L; Ozcan, T; Akpinar-Bayizit, A; Sahin, S
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:3788–3798;

Silage review: Factors affecting dry matter and quality losses in silages.
Borreani, G; Tabacco, E; Schmidt, RJ; Holmes, BJ; Muck, RE
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:3952–3979;

Silage review: Recent advances and future uses of silage additives.
Muck, RE; Nadeau, EMG; McAllister, TA; Contreras-Govea, FE; Santos, MC; Kung, L
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:3980–4000;

Silage review: Unique challenges of silages made in hot and cold regions.
Bernardes, TF; Daniel, JLP; Adesogan, AT; McAllister, TA; Drouin, P; Nussio, LG; Huhtanen, P; Tremblay, GF; Belanger, G; Cai, Y
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:4001–4019;

Silage review: Interpretation of chemical, microbial, and organoleptic components of silages.
Kung, LM; Shaver, RD; Grant, RJ; Schmidt, RJ
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:4020–4033;

Silage review: Mycotoxins in silage: Occurrence, effects, prevention, and mitigation.
Ogunade, IM; Martinez-Tuppia, C; Queiroz, OCM; Jiang, Y; Drouin, P; Wu, F; Vyas, D; Adesogan, AT
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:4034–4059;

Silage review: Animal and human health risks from silage.
Driehuis, F; Wilkinson, JM; Jiang, Y; Ogunade, I; Adesogan, AT
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:4093–4110;

Silage review: Silage feeding management: Silage characteristics and dairy cow feeding behavior.
Grant, RJ; Ferraretto, LF
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:4111–4121;

Silage review: Foodborne pathogens in silage and their mitigation by silage additives.
Queiroz, OCM; Ogunade, IM; Weinberg, Z; Adesogan, AT
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:4132–4142;

Invited review: Whey proteins as antioxidants and promoters of cellular antioxidant pathways.
Corrochano, AR; Buckin, V; Kelly, PM; Giblin, L
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:4747–4761;

Invited review: Current perspectives on eating and rumination activity in dairy cows.
Beauchemin, KA
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:4762–4784;

Invited review: Use of butyrate to promote gastrointestinal tract development in calves.
Gorka, P; Kowalski, ZM; Zabielski, R; Guilloteau, P
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:4785–4800;

Invited review: Genetics and claw health: Opportunities to enhance claw health by genetic selection.
Heringstad, B; Egger-Danner, C; Charfeddine, N; Pryce, JE; Stock, KF; Kofler, J; Sogstad, AM; Holzhauer, M; Fiedler, A; Muller, K; Nielsen, P; Thomas, G; Gengler, N; de Jong, G; Odegard, C; Malchiodi, F; Miglior, F; Alsaaod, M; Cole, JB
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:4801–4821;

Factors associated with profitability in pasture-based systems of milk production.
Hanrahan, L; McHugh, N; Hennessy, T; Moran, B; Kearney, R; Wallace, M; Shalloo, L
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:5474–5485;

Nanozyme-based lateral flow assay for the sensitive detection of Escherichia coli O157:H7 in milk.
Han, JJ; Zhang, L; Hu, LM; Xing, KY; Lu, XF; Huang, YJ; Zhang, JW; Lai, WH; Chen, T
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:5770–5779;

Symposium review: Uncertainties in enteric methane inventories, measurement techniques, and prediction models.
Hristov, AN; Kebreab, E; Niu, M; Oh, J; Bannink, A; Bayat, AR; Boland, TM; Brito, AF; Casper, DP; Crompton, LA; Dijkstra, J; Eugene, M; Garnsworthy, PC; Haque, N; Hellwing, ALF; Huhtanen, P; Kreuzer, M; Kuhla, B; Lund, P; Madsen, J; Martin, C; Moate, PJ; Muetzel, S; Munoz, C; Peiren, N; Powell, JM; Reynolds, CK; Schwarm, A; Shingfield, KJ; Storlien, TM; Weisbjerg, MR; Yanez-Ruiz, DR; Yu, Z
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:6655–6674;

Invited review: Current production trends, farm structures, and economics of the dairy sheep and goat sectors.
Pulina, G; Milan, MJ; Lavin, MP; Theodoridis, A; Morin, E; Capote, J; Thomas, DL; Francesconi, AHD; Caja, G
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:6715–6729;

Extensive countrywide field investigation of subclinical mastitis in sheep in Greece.
Vasileiou, NGC; Cripps, PJ; Ioannidi, KS; Chatzopoulos, DC; Gougoulis, DA; Sarrou, S; Orfanou, DC; Politis, AP; Gonzalez-Valerio, TC; Argyros, S; Mavrogianni, VS; Petinaki, E; Fthenakis, GC
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:7297–7310;

Sodium reduction and flavor enhancer addition in probiotic prato cheese: Contributions of quantitative descriptive analysis and temporal dominance of sensations for sensory profiling.
Silva, HLA; Balthazar, CF; Silva, R; Vieira, AH; Costa, RGB; Esmerino, EA; Freitas, MQ; Cruz, AG
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:8837–8846;

Preweaned heifer management on US dairy operations: Part V. Factors associated with morbidity and mortality in preweaned dairy heifer calves.
Urie, NJ; Lombard, JE; Shivley, CB; Kopral, CA; Adams, AE; Earleywine, TJ; Olson, JD; Garry, FB
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:9229–9244;

Pathogen-specific production losses in bovine mastitis.
Heikkila, AM; Liski, E; Pyorala, S; Taponen, S
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:9493–9504;

Adaptations of hepatic lipid metabolism and mitochondria in dairy cows with mild fatty liver.
Du, XL; Shen, TY; Wang, HY; Qin, X; Xing, DM; Ye, QQ; Shi, Z; Fang, ZY; Zhu, YW; Yang, YC; Peng, ZC; Zhao, CX; Lv, B; Li, XB; Liu, GW; Li, XW
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:9544–9558;

Invited review: Microbiota of the bovine udder: Contributing factors and potential implications for udder health and mastitis susceptibility.
Derakhshani, H; Fehr, KB; Sepehri, S; Francoz, D; De Buck, J; Barkema, HW; Plaizier, JC; Khafipour, E
2018. J Dairy Sci. 101:10605–10625;

Energy and nitrogen partitioning in dairy cows at low or high metabolizable protein levels is affected differently by postrumen glucogenic and lipogenic substrates.
Nichols, K; Dijkstra, J; van Laar, H; Pacheco, S; van Valenberg, HJ; Bannink, A
2019. J Dairy Sci. 102:395–412;

Short communication: Compositional characteristics and aromatic profile of caciotta cheese obtained from Friesian cows fed with a dietary supplementation of dried grape pomace.
Ianni, A; Innosa, D; Martino, C; Bennato, F; Martino, G
2019. J Dairy Sci. 102:1025–1032;

Expression patterns of hepatic genes involved in lipid metabolism in cows with subclinical or clinical ketosis.
Zhu, YW; Liu, GW; Du, XL; Shi, Z; Jin, MY; Sha, XY; Li, XB; Wang, Z; Li, XW
2019. J Dairy Sci. 102:1725–1735;

Metabolic profiling of early-lactation dairy cows using milk mid-infrared spectra.
Luke, TDW; Rochfort, S; Wales, WJ; Bonfatti, V; Marett, L; Pryce, JE
2019. J Dairy Sci. 102:1747–1760;

Effects of prepartum dietary cation-anion difference intake on production and health of dairy cows: A meta-analysis.
Lean, IJ; Santos, JEP; Block, E; Golder, HM
2019. J Dairy Sci. 102:2103–2133;

Meta-analysis of the effects of prepartum dietary cation-anion difference on performance and health of dairy cows.
Santos, JEP; Lean, IJ; Golder, H; Block, E
2019. J Dairy Sci. 102:2134–2154;

Bovine mastitis bacteria resolved by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry.
Nonnemann, B; Lyhs, U; Svennesen, L; Kristensen, KA; Klaas, IC; Pedersen, K
2019. J Dairy Sci. 102:2515–2524;

Hot topic: Selecting cattle for low residual feed intake did not affect daily methane production but increased methane yield.
Flay, HE; Kuhn-Sherlock, B; Macdonald, KA; Camara, M; Lopez-Villalobos, N; Donaghy, DJ; Roche, JR
2019. J Dairy Sci. 102:2708–2713;

Zinc supplementation of Friesian cows: Effect on chemical-nutritional composition and aromatic profile of dairy products.
Ianni, A; Innosa, D; Martino, C; Grotta, L; Bennato, F; Martino, G
2019. J Dairy Sci. 102:2918–2927;

Invited review: Plant polyphenols and rumen microbiota responsible for fatty acid biohydrogenation, fiber digestion, and methane emission: Experimental evidence and methodological approaches.
Vasta, V; Daghio, M; Cappucci, A; Buccioni, A; Serra, A; Viti, C; Mele, M
2019. J Dairy Sci. 102:3781–3804;

Effect of heat stress during early, late, and entire dry period on dairy cattle.
Fabris, TF; Laporta, J; Skibiel, AL; Corra, FN; Senn, BD; Wohigemuth, SE; Dahl, GE
2019. J Dairy Sci. 102:5647–5656;

Fermented whey dairy beverage offers protection against Salmonella enterica ssp. enterica serovar Typhimurium infection in mice.
Cordeiro, MA; Souza, ELS; Arantes, RME; Balthazar, CF; Guimaraes, JT; Scudino, H; Silva, HLA; Rocha, RS; Freitas, MQ; Esmerino, EA; Silva, MC; Pimentel, TC; Granato, D; Costa, RGB; Cruz, AG; Martins, FS
2019. J Dairy Sci. 102:6756–6765;

Fatty acid-induced endoplasmic reticulum stress promoted lipid accumulation in calf hepatocytes, and endoplasmic reticulum stress existed in the liver of severe fatty liver cows.
Zhu, YW; Guan, Y; Loor, JJ; Sha, XY; Coleman, DN; Zhang, C; Du, XL; Shi, Z; Li, XB; Wang, Z; Liu, GW; Li, XW
2019. J Dairy Sci. 102:7359–7370;

Dietary supplementation of Saanen goats with dried licorice root modifies chemical and textural properties of dairy products.
Bennato, F; Ianni, A; Martino, C; Di Luca, A; Innosa, D; Fusco, AM; Pomilio, F; Martino, G
2020. J Dairy Sci. 103:52–62;

Meta-analysis of the effects of supplemental rumen-protected choline during the transition period on performance and health of parous dairy cows.
Arshad, U; Zenobi, MG; Staples, CR; Santos, JEP
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