Congratulations to the following authors. The Journal of Dairy Science® recently recognized these papers and authors as being among the most highly cited and recently published (2019-present). Papers are listed in the order in which they were published in the journal.

Yogurt starter cultures of Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus ameliorate symptoms and modulate the immune response in a mouse model of dextran sulfate sodium-induced colitis
Wasilewska, E.; Zlotkowska, D.; Wroblewska, B.. 2019. J Dair Sci. 102:37-53;

Comparison of antioxidant activities of bovine whey proteins before and after simulated gastrointestinal digestion
Corrochano, Alberto R.; Saricay, Yunus; Arranz, Elena; Kelly, Phil M.; Buckin, Vitaly; Giblin, Linda. 2019. J Dair Sci. 102:54-67;

Probiotic potential and biochemical and technological properties of Lactococcus lactis ssp. lactis strains isolated from raw milk and kefir grains
Yerlikaya, Oktay. 2019. J Dair Sci. 102:124-134;

Effects of applying Lactobacillus helveticus H9 as adjunct starter culture in yogurt fermentation and storage
Zhou, Tingting; Huo, Rui; Kwok, Lai-Yu; Li, Changkun; Ma, Yuzhu; Mi, Zhihui; Chen, Yongfu. 2019. J Dair Sci. 102:223-235;

Drinking water intake of newborn dairy calves and its effects on feed intake, growth performance, health status, and nutrient digestibility
Wickramasinghe, H. K. J. P.; Kramer, A. J.; Appuhamy, J. A. D. R. N.. 2019. J Dair Sci. 102:377-387;

Risk factors for antimicrobial use in veal calves and the association with mortality
Bokma, J.; Boone, R.; Deprez, P.; Pardon, B.. 2019. J Dair Sci. 102:607-618;

Invited review: Dairy proteins and bioactive peptides: Modeling digestion and the intestinal barrier
Giromini, Carlotta; Cheli, Federica; Rebucci, Raffaella; Baldi, Antonella. 2019. J Dair Sci. 102:929-942;

Yak-milk-derived exosomes promote proliferation of intestinal epithelial cells in an hypoxic environment
Gao, H. N.; Guo, H. Y.; Zhang, H.; Xie, X. L.; Wen, P. C.; Ren, F. Z.. 2019. J Dair Sci. 102:985-996;

Expression patterns of hepatic genes involved in lipid metabolism in cows with subclinical or clinical ketosis
Zhu, Yiwei; Liu, Guowen; Du, Xiliang; Shi, Zhen; Jin, Meiyu; Sha, Xueying; Li, Xiaobing; Wang, Zhe; Li, Xinwei. 2019. J Dair Sci. 102:1725-1735;

Metabolic profiling of early-lactation dairy cows using milk mid-infrared spectra
Luke, T. D. W.; Rochfort, S.; Wales, W. J.; Bonfatti, V; Marett, L.; Pryce, J. E.. 2019. J Dair Sci. 102:1747-1760;

Symposium review: The importance of the ruminal epithelial barrier for a healthy and productive cow
Aschenbach, Joerg R.; Zebeli, Qendrim; Patra, Amlan K.; Greco, Gabriele; Amasheh, Salah; Penner, Gregory B.. 2019. J Dair Sci. 102:1866-1882;

Bulk tank raw milk microbiota differs within and between farms: A moving goalpost challenging quality control
Skeie, Siv B.; Haland, Monica; Thorsen, Inga M.; Narvhus, Judith; Porcellato, Davide. 2019. J Dair Sci. 102:1959-1971;

Effects of prepartum dietary cation-anion difference intake on production and health of dairy cows: A meta-analysis
Lean, I. J.; Santos, J. E. P.; Block, E.; Golder, H. M.. 2019. J Dair Sci. 102:2103-2133;

Meta-analysis of the effects of prepartum dietary cation-anion difference on performance and health of dairy cows
Santos, J. E. P.; Lean, I. J.; Golder, H.; Block, E.. 2019. J Dair Sci. 102:2134-2154;

Antimicrobial resistance profiles of 5 common bovine mastitis pathogens in large Chinese dairy herds
Cheng, Jia; Qu, Weijie; Barkema, Herman W.; Nobrega, Diego B.; Gao, Jian; Liu, Gang; De Buck, Jeroen; Kastelic, John P.; Sun, Hong; Han, Bo. 2019. J Dair Sci. 102:2416-2426;

Enhanced supply of methionine or arginine alters mechanistic target of rapamycin signaling proteins, messenger RNA, and microRNA abundance in heat-stressed bovine mammary epithelial cells in vitro
Salama, A. A. K.; Duque, M.; Wang, L.; Shahzad, K.; Olivera, M.; Loor, J. J.. 2019. J Dair Sci. 102:2469-2480;

Bovine mastitis bacteria resolved by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry
Nonnemann, Bettina; Lyhs, Ulrike; Svennesen, Line; Kristensen, Katja Ann; Klaas, Ilka C.; Pedersen, Karl. 2019. J Dair Sci. 102:2515-2524;

Milk production of Holstein-Friesian cows of divergent Economic Breeding Index evaluated under seasonal pasture-based management
O’Sullivan, M.; Horan, B.; Pierce, K. M.; McParland, S.; O’Sullivan, K.; Buckley, F.. 2019. J Dair Sci. 102:2560-2577;

Hot topic: Selecting cattle for low residual feed intake did not affect daily methane production but increased methane yield
Flay, H. E.; Kuhn-Sherlock, B.; Macdonald, K. A.; Camara, M.; Lopez-Villalobos, N.; Donaghy, D. J.; Roche, J. R.. 2019. J Dair Sci. 102:2708-2713;

Dairy farmers’ perspectives on antibiotic use: A qualitative study
Fischer, Klara; Sjostrom, Karin; Stiernstrom, Arvid; Emanuelson, Ulf. 2019. J Dair Sci. 102:2724-2737;

Symposium review: The relevance of bovine milk phospholipids in human nutrition-Evidence of the effect on infant gut and brain development
Ortega-Anaya, Joana; Jimenez-Flores, Rafael. 2019. J Dair Sci. 102:2738-2748;

Metabolic challenges and adaptation during different functional stages of the mammary gland in dairy cows: Perspectives for sustainable milk production
Gross, J. J.; Bruckmaier, R. M.. 2019. J Dair Sci. 102:2828-2843;

Genetics, genome-wide association study, and genetic improvement of dairy fertility traits
Ma, L.; Cole, J. B.; Da, Y.; VanRaden, P. M.. 2019. J Dair Sci. 102:3735-3743;

Mechanisms of disruption of fertility by infectious diseases of the reproductive tract
Gilbert, Robert O.. 2019. J Dair Sci. 102:3754-3765;

Invited review: Plant polyphenols and rumen microbiota responsible for fatty acid biohydrogenation, fiber digestion, and methane emission: Experimental evidence and methodological approaches
Vasta, V.; Daghio, M.; Cappucci, A.; Buccioni, A.; Serra, A.; Viti, C.; Mele, M.. 2019. J Dair Sci. 102:3781-3804;

Effect of energy source in calf milk replacer on performance, digestibility, and gut permeability in rearing calves
Amado, L.; Berends, H.; Leal, L. N.; Wilms, J.; Van Laar, H.; Gerrits, W. J. J.; Martin-Tereso, J.. 2019. J Dair Sci. 102:3994-4001;

Genetic associations of lactose and its ratios to other milk solids with health traits in Austrian Fleckvieh cows
Costa, A.; Egger-Danner, C.; Meszaros, G.; Fuerst, C.; Penasa, M.; Soelkner, J.; Fuerst-Waltl, B.. 2019. J Dair Sci. 102:4238-4248;

Growth of preweaned, group-housed dairy calves diagnosed with respiratory disease using clinical respiratory scoring and thoracic ultrasound-A cohort study
Cramer, M. C.; Ollivett, T. L.. 2019. J Dair Sci. 102:4322-4331;

Evaluation of a multispecies probiotic as a supportive treatment for diarrhea in dairy calves: A randomized clinical trial
Renaud, D. L.; Kelton, D. F.; Weese, J. S.; Noble, C.; Duffield, T. F.. 2019. J Dair Sci. 102:4498-4505;

Symposium review: Intramammary infections-Major pathogens and strain-associated complexity
Keane, O. M.. 2019. J Dair Sci. 102:4713-4726;

Invited review: Understanding the behavior of caseins in milk concentrates
Corredig, Milena; Nair, Pulari Krishnakutty; Li, Ying; Eshpari, Hadi; Zhao, Zhengtao. 2019. J Dair Sci. 102:4772-4782;

Lactobacillus plantarum DR7 improved upper respiratory tract infections via enhancing immune and inflammatory parameters: A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study
Chong, Hui-Xian; Yusoff, Nur Asmaa’ A.; Hor, Yan-Yan; Lew, Lee-Ching; Jaafar, Mohamad Hafis; Choi, Sy-Bing; Yusoff, Muhamad S. B.; Wahid, Normala; Abdullah, Mohammad Farris I. L.; Zakaria, Norzila; Ong, Kee-Leong; Park, Yong-Ha; Liong, Min-Tze. 2019. J Dair Sci. 102:4783-4797;

Assessment of rumen bacteria in dairy cows with varied milk protein yield
Xue, M. Y.; Sun, H. Z.; Wu, X. H.; Guan, L. L.; Liu, J. X.. 2019. J Dair Sci. 102:5031-5041;

Effect of heat stress during early, late, and entire dry period on dairy cattle
Fabris, Thiago F.; Laporta, Jimena; Skibiel, Amy L.; Corra, Fabiana N.; Senn, Bethany D.; Wohigemuth, Stephanie E.; Dahl, Geoffrey E.. 2019. J Dair Sci. 102:5647-5656;

Symposium review: Technologies for improving fiber utilization
Adesogan, A. T.; Arriola, K. G.; Jiang, Y.; Oyebade, A.; Paula, E. M.; Pech-Cervantes, A. A.; Romero, J. J.; Ferraretto, L. F.; Vyas, D.. 2019. J Dair Sci. 102:5726-5755;

Invited review: A systematic review of the effects of prolonged cow-calf contact on behavior, welfare, and productivity
Meagher, Rebecca K.; Beaver, Annabelle; Weary, Daniel M.; von Keyserlingk, Marina A. G.. 2019. J Dair Sci. 102:5765-5783;

Invited review: A systematic review of the effects of early separation on dairy cow and calf health
Beaver, Annabelle; Meagher, Rebecca K.; von Keyserlingk, Marina A. G.; Weary, Daniel M.. 2019. J Dair Sci. 102:5784-5810;

Invited review: Nitrogen in ruminant nutrition: A review of measurement techniques
Hristov, A. N.; Bannink, A.; Crompton, L. A.; Huhtanen, P.; Kreuzer, M.; McGee, M.; Noziere, P.; Reynolds, C. K.; Bayat, A. R.; Yanez-Ruiz, D. R.; Dijkstra, J.; Kebreab, E.; Schwarm, A.; Shingfield, K. J.; Yu, Z.. 2019. J Dair Sci. 102:5811-5852;

Invited review: Milk lactose-Current status and future challenges in dairy cattle
Costa, A.; Lopez-Villalobos, N.; Sneddon, N. W.; Shalloo, L.; Franzoi, M.; De Marchi, M.; Penasa, M.. 2019. J Dair Sci. 102:5883-5898;

Are dietary strategies to mitigate enteric methane emission equally effective across dairy cattle, beef cattle, and sheep?
van Gastelen, Sanne; Dijkstra, Jan; Bannink, Andre. 2019. J Dair Sci. 102:6109-6130;

Changes in the rumen and colon microbiota and effects of live yeast dietary supplementation during the transition from the dry period to lactation of dairy cows
Bach, A.; Lopez-Garcia, A.; Gonzalez-Recio, O.; Elcoso, G.; Fabregas, F.; Chaucheyras-Durand, F.; Castex, M.. 2019. J Dair Sci. 102:6180-6198;

Validation strategy can result in an overoptimistic view of the ability of milk infrared spectra to predict methane emission of dairy cattle
Wang, Qiuyu; Bovenhuis, Henk. 2019. J Dair Sci. 102:6288-6295;

Influence of on-farm measurements for heat stress indicators on dairy cow productivity, female fertility, and health
Gernand, E.; Koenig, S.; Kipp, C.. 2019. J Dair Sci. 102:6660-6671;

Epidemiology of bovine respiratory disease (BRD) in preweaned calves on California dairies: The BRD 10K study
Dubrovsky, S. A.; Van Eenennaam, A. L.; Karle, B. M.; Rossitto, P. V.; Lehenbauer, T. W.; Aly, S. S.. 2019. J Dair Sci. 102:7306-7319;

Fatty acid-induced endoplasmic reticulum stress promoted lipid accumulation in calf hepatocytes, and endoplasmic reticulum stress existed in the liver of severe fatty liver cows
Zhu, Yiwei; Guan, Yuan; Loor, Juan J.; Sha, Xueying; Coleman, Danielle N.; Zhang, Cai; Du, Xiliang; Shi, Zhen; Li, Xiaobing; Wang, Zhe; Liu, Guowen; Li, Xinwei. 2019. J Dair Sci. 102:7359-7370;

Invited review: Sphingolipid biology in the dairy cow: The emerging role of ceramide
McFadden, J. W.; Rico, J. E.. 2019. J Dair Sci. 102:7619-7639;

An investigation of dairy calf management practices, colostrum quality, failure of transfer of passive immunity, and occurrence of enteropathogens among Australian dairy farms
Abuelo, Angel; Havrlant, Peter; Wood, Natalie; Hernandez-Jover, Marta. 2019. J Dair Sci. 102:8352-8366;

Controlling bias in genomic breeding values for young genotyped bulls
Tsuruta, S.; Lourenco, D. A. L.; Masuda, Y.; Misztal, I; Lawlor, T. J.. 2019. J Dair Sci. 102:9956-9970;

A breeding index to rank beef bulls for use on dairy females to maximize profit
Berry, D. P.; Amer, P. R.; Evans, R. D.; Byrne, T.; Cromie, A. R.; Hely, F.. 2019. J Dair Sci. 102:10056-10072;

Novel milk-juice beverage with fermented sheep milk and strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa): Nutritional and functional characterization
Balthazar, C. F.; Santillo, A.; Guimaraes, J. T.; Capozzi, V; Russo, P.; Caroprese, M.; Marino, R.; Esmerino, E. A.; Raices, Renata S. L.; Silva, M. C.; Silva, H. L. A.; Freitas, M. Q.; Granato, D.; Cruz, A. G.; Albenzio, M.. 2019. J Dair Sci. 102:10724-10736;

Metabolomics meets machine learning: Longitudinal metabolite profiling in serum of normal versus overconditioned cows and pathway analysis
Ghaffari, Morteza H.; Jahanbekam, Amirhossein; Sadri, Hassan; Schuh, Katharina; Dusel, Georg; Prehn, Cornelia; Adamski, Jerzy; Koch, Christian; Sauerwein, Helga. 2019. J Dair Sci. 102:11561-11585;

Long-term effects of postpartum clinical disease on milk production, reproduction, and culling of dairy cows
Carvalho, M. R.; Penagaricano, F.; Santos, J. E. P.; DeVries, T. J.; McBride, B. W.; Ribeiro, E. S.. 2019. J Dair Sci. 102:11701-11717;

Symposium review: The uterine microbiome associated with the development of uterine disease in dairy cows
Galvao, Klibs N.; Bicalho, Rodrigo C.; Jeon, Soo Jin. 2019. J Dair Sci. 102:11786-11797;

Invited review: MicroRNAs in bovine colostrum-Focus on their origin and potential health benefits for the calf
Van Hese, I; Goossens, K.; Vandaele, L.; Opsomer, G.. 2020. J Dair Sci. 103:1-15;

Complexity of the microRNA transcriptome of cow milk and milk-derived extracellular vesicles isolated via differential ultracentrifugation
Benmoussa, Abderrahim; Laugier, Jonathan; Beauparlant, Charles Joly; Lambert, Marine; Droit, Arnaud; Provost, Patrick. 2020. J Dair Sci. 103:16-29;

Effects of 3-nitrooxypropanol on rumen fermentation, lactational performance, and resumption of ovarian cyclicity in dairy cows
Melgar, A.; Harper, M. T.; Oh, J.; Giallongo, F.; Young, M. E.; Ott, T. L.; Duval, S.; Hristov, A. N.. 2020. J Dair Sci. 103:410-432;

Methionine and arginine supplementation alter inflammatory and oxidative stress responses during lipopolysaccharide challenge in bovine mammary epithelial cells in vitro
Dai, H.; Coleman, D. N.; Hu, L.; Martinez-Cortes, I; Wang, M.; Parys, C.; Shen, X.; Loor, J. J.. 2020. J Dair Sci. 103:676-689;

Association of transient, persistent, or delayed subclinical hypocalcemia with early lactation disease, removal, and milk yield in Holstein cows
McArt, J. A. A.; Neves, R. C.. 2020. J Dair Sci. 103:690-701;

Feeding supplemental 25-hydroxyvitamin D-3 increases serum mineral concentrations and alters mammary immunity of lactating dairy cows
Poindexter, Michael B.; Kweh, Mercedes F.; Zimpel, Roney; Zuniga, Jorge; Lopera, Camilo; Zenobi, Marcos G.; Jiang, Yun; Engstrom, Mark; Celi, Pietro; Santos, Jose E. P.; Nelson, Corwin D.. 2020. J Dair Sci. 103:805-822;

Comparative metabolomics analysis of donkey colostrum and mature milk using ultra-high-performance liquid tandem chromatography quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry
Li, Mohan; Kang, Shimo; Zheng, Yan; Shao, Junhua; Zhao, Huiwen; An, Yuejia; Cao, Ge; Li, Qilong; Yue, Xiqing; Yang, Mei. 2020. J Dair Sci. 103:992-1001;

Invited review: Fate of antibiotic residues, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and antibiotic resistance genes in US dairy manure management systems
Oliver, Jason P.; Gooch, Curt A.; Lansing, Stephanie; Schueler, Jenna; Hurst, Jerod J.; Sassoubre, Lauren; Crossette, Emily M.; Aga, Diana S.. 2020. J Dair Sci. 103:1051-1071;

Invited review: Compost-bedded pack barns for dairy cows
Leso, L.; Barbari, M.; Lopes, M. A.; Damasceno, F. A.; Galama, P.; Taraba, J. L.; Kuipers, A.. 2020. J Dair Sci. 103:1072-1099;

Postprandial glycemia in healthy subjects: Which probiotic dairy food is more adequate?
Grom, L. C.; Rocha, R. S.; Balthazar, C. F.; Guimaraes, J. T.; Coutinho, N. M.; Barros, C. P.; Pimentel, T. C.; Venancio, E. L.; Collopy Junior, I; Maciel, P. M. C.; Silva, P. H. F.; Granato, D.; Freitas, M. Q.; Esmerino, E. A.; Silva, M. C.; Cruz, A. G.. 2020. J Dair Sci. 103:1110-1119;

From byproduct to a functional ingredient: Camu-camu (Myrciaria dubia) seed extract as an antioxidant agent in a yogurt model
Fidelis, Marina; de Oliveira, Stephanie Maiara; Santos, Janio Sousa; Escher, Graziela Bragueto; Rocha, Ramon Silva; Cruz, Adriano Gomes; Vieira do Carmo, Mariana Araujo; Azevedo, Luciana; Kaneshima, Tai; Oh, Won Young; Shahidi, Fereidoon; Granato, Daniel. 2020. J Dair Sci. 103:1131-1140;

Characterization and evaluation o lactic acid bacteria from indigenous raw milk for potential probiotic properties
Reuben, R. C.; Roy, P. C.; Sarkar, S. L.; Ul Alam, A. S. M. Rubayet; Jahid, I. K.. 2020. J Dair Sci. 103:1223-1237;

Preweaning cost of bovine respiratory disease (BRD) and cost-benefit of implementation of preventative measures in calves on California dairies: The BRD 10K study
Dubrovsky, S. A.; Van Eenennaam, A. L.; Aly, S. S.; Karle, B. M.; Rossitto, Paul, V; Overton, M. W.; Lehenbauer, T. W.; Fadel, J. G.. 2020. J Dair Sci. 103:1583-1597;

Exploration of variance, autocorrelation, and skewness of deviations from lactation curves as resilience indicators for breeding
Poppe, M.; Veerkamp, R. F.; van Pelt, M. L.; Mulder, H. A.. 2020. J Dair Sci. 103:1667-1684;

Hepatoprotective action of papain-hydrolyzed buffalo milk protein on carbon tetrachloride oxidative stressed albino rats
Abdel-Hamid, M.; Osman, A.; El-Hadary, A.; Romeih, E.; Sitohy, M.; Li, L.. 2020. J Dair Sci. 103:1884-1893;

Invited review: Advances in nisin use for preservation of dairy products
Ibarra-Sanchez, Luis A.; El-Haddad, Nancy; Mahmoud, Darine; Miller, Michael J.; Karam, Layal. 2020. J Dair Sci. 103:2041-2052;

Metabolic footprinting revealed key biochemical changes in a brown fermented milk product using Streptococcus thermophilus
Li, DanYang; Zheng, Yan; Kwok, Lai-yu; Zhang, WenYi; Sun, TianSong. 2020. J Dair Sci. 103:2128-2138;

Effects of oregano essential oil on in vitro ruminal fermentation, methane production, and ruminal microbial community
Zhou, Rui; Wu, Jianping; Lang, Xia; Liu, Lishan; Casper, David P.; Wang, Cailian; Zhang, Liping; Wei, Sheng. 2020. J Dair Sci. 103:2303-2314;

Pathogen-specific risk factors in acute outbreaks of respiratory disease in calves
Pardon, B.; Callens, J.; Maris, J.; Allais, L.; Van Praet, W.; Deprez, P.; Ribbens, S.. 2020. J Dair Sci. 103:2556-2566;

Oligosaccharide concentrations in colostrum, transition milk, and mature milk of primi- and multiparous Holstein cows during the first week of lactation
Fischer-Tlustos, A. J.; Hertogs, K.; van Niekerk, J. K.; Nagorske, M.; Haines, D. M.; Steele, M. A.. 2020. J Dair Sci. 103:3683-3695;

Symposium review: Why revisit dairy cattle productive lifespan?
De Vries, Albert. 2020. J Dair Sci. 103:3838-3845;

Symposium review: Real-time continuous decision making using big data on dairy farms
Cabrera, Victor E.; Barrientos-Blanco, Jorge A.; Delgado, Hector; Fadul-Pacheco, Liliana. 2020. J Dair Sci. 103:3856-3866;

Invited review: Cattle lameness detection with accelerometers
O’Leary, N. W.; Byrne, D. T.; O’Connor, A. H.; Shalloo, L.. 2020. J Dair Sci. 103:3895-3911;

Prevalence, molecular characterization, and antibiotic susceptibility of Bacillus cereus isolated from dairy products in China
Zhao, Shengjuan; Chen, Junliang; Fei, Peng; Feng, Hongxia; Wang, Yao; Ali, Md Aslam; Li, Shuzhen; Jing, Haonan; Yang, Weiwei. 2020. J Dair Sci. 103:3994-4001;

Multiplex loop-mediated isothermal amplification-based lateral flow dipstick for simultaneous detection of 3 food-borne pathogens in powdered infant formula
Jiang, Yujun; Chen, Sihan; Zhao, Yueming; Yang, Xinyan; Fu, Shiqian; McKillip, John L.; Fox, Edward M.; Man, Chaoxin. 2020. J Dair Sci. 103:4002-4012;

Characterization of potentially probiotic lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria isolated from human colostrum
Liu, Wenjun; Chen, Meixuan; Duo, Lana; Wang, Jicheng; Guo, Shuai; Sun, Haotian; Menghe, Bilige; Zhang, Heping. 2020. J Dair Sci. 103:4013-4025;

Effect of genomic selection on rate of inbreeding and coancestry and effective population size of Holstein and Jersey cattle populations
Makanjuola, Bayode O.; Miglior, Filippo; Abdalla, Emhimad A.; Maltecca, Christian; Schenkel, Flavio S.; Baes, Christine F.. 2020. J Dair Sci. 103:5183-5199;

Symposium review: How to implement genomic selection
VanRaden, P. M.. 2020. J Dair Sci. 103:5291-5301;

Symposium review: Decomposing efficiency of milk production and maximizing profit
Bach, Alex; Terre, Marta; Vidal, Maria. 2020. J Dair Sci. 103:5709-5725;

Probiotics, prebiotics, and synbiotics regulate the intestinal microbiota differentially and restore the relative abundance of specific gut microorganisms
Li, Chen; Niu, Zhihua; Zou, Meijuan; Liu, Suyue; Wang, Miaoshu; Gu, Xinxi; Lu, Haiqiang; Tian, Hongtao; Jha, Rajesh. 2020. J Dair Sci. 103:5816-5829;

Short communication: Characterization of molasses chemical composition
Palmonari, A.; Cavallini, D.; Sniffen, C. J.; Fernandes, L.; Holder, P.; Fagioli, L.; Fusaro, I.; Biagi, G.; Formigoni, A.; Mammi, L.. 2020. J Dair Sci. 103:6244-6249;

Randomized controlled trial investigating the effect of 2 selective dry -cow therapy protocols on udder health and performance in the subsequent lactation
Rowe, S. M.; Godden, S. M.; Nydam, D. V.; Gorden, P. J.; Lago, A.; Vasquez, A. K.; Royster, E.; Timmerman, J.; Thomas, M. J.. 2020. J Dair Sci. 103:6493-6503;

Invited review: Physiological and behavioral effects of heat stress in dairy cows
Becker, C. A.; Collier, R. J.; Stone, A. E.. 2020. J Dair Sci. 103:6751-6770;

Late-gestation heat stress impairs daughter and granddaughter lifetime performance
Laporta, J.; Ferreira, F. C.; Ouellet, V.; Dado-Senn, B.; Almeida, A. K.; De Vries, A.; Dahl, G. E.. 2020. J Dair Sci. 103:7555-7568;

Consensus recommendations on calf- and herd-level passive immunity in dairy calves in the United States
Lombard, J.; Urie, N.; Garry, F.; Godden, S.; Quigley, J.; Earleywine, T.; McGuirk, S.; Moore, D.; Branan, M.; Chamorro, M.; Smith, G.; Shivley, C.; Catherman, D.; Haines, D.; Heinrichs, A. J.; James, R.; Maas, J.; Sterner, K.. 2020. J Dair Sci. 103:7611-7624;

Invited review: Role of rumen biohydrogenation intermediates and rumen microbes in diet-induced milk fat depression: An update
Dewanckele, L.; Toral, P. G.; Vlaeminck, B.; Fievez, V.. 2020. J Dair Sci. 103:7655-7681;

Short communication: Dietary bovine milk-derived exosomes improve bone health in an osteoporosis-induced mouse model
Yun, B.; Maburutse, B. E.; Kang, M.; Park, M. R.; Park, D. J.; Kim, Y.; Oh, S.. 2020. J Dair Sci. 103:7752-7760;

Corn processing and crude protein content in calf starter: Effects on growth performance, ruminal fermentation, and blood metabolites
Makizadeh, H.; Kazemi-Bonchenari, M.; Mansoori-Yarahmadi, H.; Fakhraei, J.; Khanaki, H.; Drackley, J. K.; Ghaffari, M. H.. 2020. J Dair Sci. 103:9037-9053;

Invited review: Heat stability of milk and concentrated milk: Past, present, and future research objectives
Dumpler, Joseph; Huppertz, Thom; Kulozik, Ulrich. 2020. J Dair Sci. 103:10986-11007;

Consumer perception of the sustainability of dairy products and plant-based dairy alternatives
Schiano, A. N.; Harwood, W. S.; Gerard, P. D.; Drake, M. A.. 2020. J Dair Sci. 103:11228-11243;

Probiotic yogurt quality criteria, regulatory framework, clinical evidence, and analytical aspects
Nyanzi, Richard; Jooste, Piet J.; Buys, Elna M.. 2021. J Dair Sci. 104:1-19;

Lying time and the welfare of dairy cows
Tucker, Cassandra B.; Jensen, Margit Bak; de Passille, Anne Marie; Hanninen, Laura; Rushen, Jeffrey. 2021. J Dair Sci. 104:20-46;

Molecular basis of the anti-diabetic properties of camel milk through profiling of its bioactive peptides on dipeptidyl peptidase IV (DPP-IV) and insulin receptor activity
Ashraf, Arshida; Mudgil, Priti; Palakkott, Abdulrasheed; Iratni, Rabah; Gan, Chee-Yuen; Maqsood, Sajid; Ayoub, Mohammed Akli. 2021. J Dair Sci. 104:61-77;

Acid whey trends and health benefits
Rocha-Mendoza, Diana; Kosmerl, Erica; Krentz, Abigail; Zhang, Lin; Badiger, Shivani; Miyagusuku-Cruzado, Gonzalo; Mayta-Apaza, Alba; Giusti, Monica; Jimenez-Flores, Rafael; Garcia-Cano, Israel. 2021. J Dair Sci. 104:1262-1275;

Effect of camel milk protein hydrolysates against hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia, and associated oxidative stress in streptozotocin (STZ)-induced diabetic rats
Kilari, Bhanu Priya; Mudgil, Priti; Azimullah, Sheikh; Bansal, Nidhi; Ojha, Shreesh; Maqsood, Sajid. 2021. J Dair Sci. 104:1304-1317;

Identification and characterization of novel alpha-amylase and alpha-glucosidase inhibitory peptides from camel whey proteins
Baba, Waqas N.; Mudgil, Priti; Kamal, Hina; Kilari, Bhanu Priya; Gan, Chee-Yuen; Maqsood, Sajid. 2021. J Dair Sci. 104:1364-1377;

Effects of dietary supplementation with extruded linseed and oregano in autochthonous goat breeds on the fatty acid profile of milk and quality of Padraccio cheese
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