How to find the science at the ADSA 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting:

Tips for navigating the scientific program

We have more than 800 prerecorded abstract presentations in the 2020 ADSA Virtual Annual Meeting. That's a lot of Virtual Dairy Science! We have created several tools to help you see, hear, and talk about all of that science.

ADSA Virtual Annual Meeting site:

This is where you can find all of the prerecorded abstract presentations and where live scientific programming events take place. All of the recordings are listed under two tabs on the home page: Oral Sessions and Poster Sessions. If you are looking for a presentation on the virtual meeting site:

  1. Click on the tab for the type presentation (Oral Sessions or Poster Sessions),
  2. Click on the section (e.g., Animal Health, Ruminant Nutrition), and
  3. Search for the title of the presentation you'd like to view by
    • using the built-in "Find" function on your browser (Ctrl-F) or
    • searching by abstract number.

Meeting App

Downloading and using the ADSA 2020 meeting app is a great way to organize your schedule and read abstracts:

  1. Sign into the virtual annual meeting site ( on your phone or mobile device.
  2. Then open the meeting app, browse or navigate to a presentation, and use the "Video and chat" link to connect directly to a presentation video and text chat on the meeting website.

If you prefer, you can sign into the desktop version of the app here: You can then link directly from your app schedule in the desktop app to the presentations and livestreams on the meeting website.

Program and Abstract Books

If you prefer the "printed" page, we have created online versions of the traditional abstract and program books. You can download them, print them out or mark them up, and use them to create your schedule and plan out your days at the ADSA 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting. Simply find the presentations you'd like to see, note the abstract numbers, and then go to the ADSA 2020 Virtual Meeting and navigate as described above.