Three-Minute Thesis Challenge

ADSA Graduate Student Three-Minute Thesis Challenge Rules and Judging Criteria

2019 Three-Minute Thesis Challenge

First Place: Sam Rowe

Antibiotic Stewardship and Dry Cow Therapy

Second Place: Amanda Lee

How Many Cows Can an Automatic Milking System Handle?

Third Place: Katie Kelly

Diets and Distractions

Maryam Enteshari

Lactose journey towards valorization

Anna Hawkins

Raising Heifers: Costly But Critical

Conor McCabe

What if Cows Were Jet Lagged Every Three Days?

Shayanti Mini

Encapsulated whey-probiotics; as a dietary deliverable

Kaavya Rathnakumar

Introducing Smart solvents in Dairy manufacturing

Pratishtha Verma

A natural antimicrobial as a potential dairy membrane sanitizer

Mahmoud Zayda



First Place: Gustavo Mazon

Would you wear your Fitbit in a buffet?

Second Place: Kayla Alward

The big whoop about Anti-Mullerian Hormone

Third Place: Katherine Kennedy
Pratibha Chaudhary
Maryam Enteshari

How to look at dairy wastewater not as a burden but rather as a profit?

Anna Hawkins

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Allison Lawton
Mauricio Xavier da Silva Oliveira

2017 Three-Minute Thesis Challenge

Second Place: Victoria Couture
Fourth Place: Hannah Bailey
Fifth Place: Anne-Marieke Smid

Outdoor access for dairy cows- letting cows vote with their feet!

Ashenafi Beyi

Application of Nearest Neighbor Methods to Support Dairy Cow Replacement Decisions

Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, this presentation was not recorded.

Brittany Casperson

Corn Stover, feed efficiency, and food security

Reshalaithan Maimaiti

Effect of parity on feed intake of dairy cows soon after calving

2016 GSD Three-Minute Thesis Challenge

Third Place: Jeffrey Kaufman
Jose Denis-Robichaud

Does using automated activity monitoring (AAM) improve reproductive performance over timed artificial insemination

Dipakkumar Mehta
Ricardo Rodrigues

Development of a model to study mammary gland function during heat stress

2015 GSD Three-Minute Thesis Challenge

Third Place: Karmella Dolecheck
Fourth Place (tie): Mac Campbell

Overcrowding: Walking the Tightrope of Cow Well-Being

Fourth Place (tie): Lee Cadesky

Functional changes to milk proteins induced by high hydrostatic pressure

Abigail (Gale) Carpenter

Dairy cattle and anti-inflammatory drugs

Taylor Yohe

Identification and characterization of potential rumen stem cells