2020-2021 National Student Affiliate Division Officer & Advisor Election Instructions

This year, national ADSA-SAD Officer and Advisor Elections will be modified to accommodate the virtual meeting format. Nominations and elections will be performed digitally between now and the start of the meeting in June. These nomination and election instructions will be sent to Dairy Club Advisors.

Jeanne Marie Cassidy
University of New Hampshire
Graduation Date: 2021

Ashley Goodwin
Virginia Tech
Graduation Date: 2021

Alyssa Rauton
University of Georgia
Graduation Date: 2021

Jessica Schmitt
Iowa State University
Graduation Date: 2022

Rose Vaughan
North Carolina State University
Graduation Date: 2021

Taylor Wolfe
Pennsylvania State University
Graduation Date: 2021

Election Instructions

Voting should be done within each local chapter registered for the ADSA Meeting. Ballots should then be officially submitted by the dairy club advisor. Ballots received from individuals other than a club advisor will be void.

Please follow the instructions below to cast your vote.

  1. Clubs who have registered for the virtual meeting by June 15 will be eligible to vote in the 2020-2021 elections.
  2. Officer candidates must register for the ADSA Annual Meeting by June 15 to participate in the 2020 ADSA-SAD elections.
  3. Complete election instructions, including an election ballot and voter code, will be emailed to club advisors on June 16. Please be watching your email for this mailing, as this will be your one and only way to vote! Contact Molly Kelley at mollyk@adsa.org or 217-684-3007 if you do not receive this mailing on June 16.
  4. Clubs will have until 11:59 PM EDT on Sunday June 21, 2020 to return their ballots. Any ballots received after this time will be void.
  5. Each local chapter with at least two delegates registered for the virtual convention will be entitled to two votes. If only one delegate is registered, only one vote will be allotted to that club.
  6. Voting delegates must rank the nominees from top to bottom, by assigning the highest number to the President, second highest number to the 1st Vice President, etc.
  7. The 2020-2021 Officers and Advisors will be announced during ADSA-SAD Virtual Awards Program on Tuesday, June 23.

Election Ballots are due 11:59 PM EDT on Sunday June 21, 2020